My life with gallstone and without it

What is gallstone? I tell you what a gallstone is, gallstone is a nasty rock that sits in your gallbladder and annoys you every day, every hour, every second of your life.

Hi, my name is Eugene from Estonia living in London, UK. Let me share my experience with gallstone.

Since childhood I had this problem, when I was running I suddenly had pain and was not aware of what was that, but I am pretty certain now that it was a growing little stone

Gallstone was discovered only recently maybe ten years ago first time it was 11mm then later it grew to 15mm and then to 18mm

And on day of  operation it was a massive 24 mm that was unpleasant surprise

Exponential growth, more surface it gets faster it grows

I tried to use Ursodiol acid for months to dissolve my stone, but it did not work well, but maybe reduced speed of growth a little, also tried to drink special teas, apple juice and other home remedies like flushes and detoxes.

They do not work, you want to believe they do but they don’t, it a myth, no such thing.

Did you notice how none of the “cured” people present us with evidence?

Me on the other hand will show you every piece of evidence I have on my hands


If you want to try to soften up your gallstones with ursodiol, you can buy them from Andorra, contact these Spanish people at or visit website

They speak mostly Spanish or English with Google translator. They sell  URSOCHOL it is Spanish version of Ursodiol, average price would go like these ( at least for me on jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011 12:08). Here is an example of their email to me (copy paste)

5 URSOCHOL 150 MGRS X 60 COMP…  9,71 €………………………..48.55€



Need to make delivery address, whose name was, telephone.

If for payment by CREDIT CARD makes the number , expiry date and the three number behind the card.

If done by mail to the address of pharmacy:






Check out NHS review of my gallstone, this is a special medical software Sectra Image Viewer with all images of gallstone download it here

In year 29 October 2009 gallstone was smaller, then a little bigger in year 2011 8th march, and last time ( middle 2012 ) I did ultrasound scan it was relatively same size.

Almost every year I was thinking to cut my gallbladder out, pain was increasingly unpleasant, but I did not want to give up.

I was hoping for new technologies to come, I gambled and I won my bet

Googled for new technology almost every 2 months or so for many many years, and nothing came on radar, lots of false alarm… at some point this year 2012 I almost gave up and decided to cut my gallbladder out, was sick and tired of constant pain and burning sensation in my upper abdomen…



and only in September 2012 by random luck found this tiny article in med. journal

Doctor Chiao (Qiao) Tie made an upgrade of old technology and invented some new techniques to extract gallstones from a gallbladder. Pretty sure after 5 years to the future he will invent liquid hungry nano robots, they will chew up gallstones in a week time after injection into gallbladder :)

This article was dated February 2012, how it slipped my attention is a mystery. Shame, I could have been treated much sooner than end of October 2012. In fact Dr. Tie Chiao had made this technology available to the public in year 2009! it was well tested and widely practiced in China Guangzhou for years, and I was suffering here in Europe UK and almost went along with local surgeons suggestion to cut my gallbladder loose. One surgeon said “Nobody is going to do you a favor and just take your stone out” … Indeed I am a future liability for NHS, I might come back some day again with new gallstones, and it is bad for Health Care System’s budget

But life without gallbladder is not that easy as life without appendix, that’s totally different game here. There are some serious consequences when gallbladder is taken out, like for example bile is dripping every minute to your intestines and you get a bad stool and you have to eat all the time in small portions, and stones are growing now in your bile duct and elsewhere…


Well, then went to odesk to find assistant to investigate this new treatment

Found Amanda she did a great job investigating and arranging meeting with doctors in China
Her email is amanda9815 at gmail dot com, phone number is 0086-158-551-26719 (0086 is the code of mainland China.) Helped us a lot, great assistant, her fees roughly 15 USD per hour

My mistake I should have kept in touch with her when I was in China. I should have bought me Chinese SIM card right when I got to Hong Kong first, before entering China Guangzhou via speed ferry.

Bought 12000 Chinese Yuan from ICBC in City of London at a good price 10.6 CNY for 1 GBP. HSBC and Barclays were giving me bad rate ~9.4 CNY per GBP, ICBC was closest to the actual market rate.

Did Twinrix injections just in case Hep A + Hep B + some Asia vaccines before leaving to China. HEP A/B Injections need lots of time, so plan ahead.

Bought Chinese visa for 56 quid also, took 4 days to get it






NHS Sectra Image Viewer Gallstone Report, costs 15 GBP to get CD from them, not always they record images and videos into the database

Doctors greeting new patient from abroad. Surgeon & Inventor Dr. Tie Chiao, first right, holding one kilo of British chocolate, a token of appreciation from me. Most left is Dr. Wang surgeon also performs operations, most right is good assistant of doctor Wang, helped me with making initial tests like X-Ray, UltraSound, Cardio tests, and stuff ( costs 1300 CNY by the way, about 130 GBP), he speaks some basic English. Second left is anesthesia master if not mistaken, and second right somebody also important in surgery.


Here is video of fetching gallstone out. One big rock size of 24 mm, weighs about 4 grams. Great relief getting it out
details of the operation: cut a small right subcostal incision(about 1-3cm) under the monitoring of laparoscopy which entered through umbilicus and grasped gallbladder with forceps and extracted it outside of the abdominal wall, then cut off the gallbladder on the bottom (less than 6mm), explored in it, then drained the bile with a sterile ventricular drainage tube. When the bile drained out, gallbladder was explored with CHiAO cholecystoscope
(Chinese National Patent Number: ZL200820188856.6, China).
The large stones (Φ≥0.5cm) were removed by the various stone extracted basket, while the small stones (Φ<0.5cm), the bile sludge and sand-like stones were removed by the sand–like stones absorbing box using negative pressure. At last, double interlocking sutured the incision of the gallbladder bottom with absorbable catgut, made sure the suture was tight and then sutured the abdominal wall layer by layer.

Testing my gallstone in hospital



Me right after operation, not amused I might say:)
Felt massive pain everywhere
After 4 days from operation, time to checkout from hospital

This is my room view in hospital where I spent my best 6 days of my life :)


Hospital view outside

Hospital bill for gallstone removal, roughly should be about 10 000 CNY or 1000 GBP (see current exchange rate here)but got some discounts from free meals. Meals are on average 10 CNY per meal.

Bills in details, first bill was for initial check up on me: xray, ultrasound, cardio, blood and stuff, 130 GBP cost, in total ~9300 CNY ~ 930 GBP

Hospital crew & me & my beloved girlfriend before leaving hospital for good

Crystal (mail: 710672705 at qq dot com ) the best nurse in China, understands and speaks English, helped us a lot with everything. Mad respects to her :)

Measuring gallstone size in cm and inches, pretty big one

Weighing gallstone, about 3 grams with cut off section, and probably 4 grams full size

Gallstone water tests

These are photos from their lab, under microscope we can see structure of my gallstone, under direct light it shines and sparkles, definitely there are lots of crystals in it



My scar on abdomen left from surgery, in belly button scar is almost invisible

Oh, also don’t forget to feed the hungry fish just across the road from the hospital, there is a small lake and lots of hungry golden fish :)

Questions and Answers:

 The Chinese name of Dr. Tie Chiao is 乔铁. According to the Baidu (the no.1 search engine around Chinese community), searching result, he is the president of the Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District and also an expert in the area of removing gallstones while leaving the gallbladder intact).

 From the “Online Inquiring” page of the hospital’s website, I found a reservation hotline of gallstone surgery. It is 020-34935551. I called this number several times and finally reached a doctor named 王兴强(Xing-Qiang Wang). The information below are from him:

1. The endoscope in this surgery was created by their hospital.
2. Wan-Chao Huang is their engineer,who was involving in the creation of the endoscope. He is not able to do the gallstones operation.
3. Xiao-Bing Luo works in their clinical laboratory. He was involving in the project, but he is not able to do this operation too.
4. President Dr. Tie Qiao and he himself (Xing-Qiang Wang) can do this operation, but he recommended President Qiao as Qiao is by far the best doctor in this area. He often traveled around China and overseas to show this operation. For example, he will go to Ukraine etc. to do this operation during the first half of Oct.
5. Doctor xing-Qiang Wang said that the whole process needs about one week and the cost for it is approximately
CNY10,000. Generally, they can arrange the operation within about 2 days after you have some necessary examinations in their hospital.
6. Doctor Xing-Qiang Wang said that it is better to tell them some basic information about the patient, for example, the age. If it is possible, please fax them the B-ultrasonography examination results. Their fax number is 020-34935551. You should write “To: 王兴强 医生”。 If it is not convenient for you to do that, you can email it to me and I will fax it to them.
7. The phone number of Xing-Qing Wang is 133-1629-5262. President Tie Qiao’s number is 133-1629-5988. I haven’t called president Qiao yet because I think it is better to call him after you tell me some basic information about the patient.

 Yang-De Zhang (张阳德) is the director of the “National Ministry of Heal Hepatobiliary and Enteric Surgery Research Center” and also the Doctor of the Xiang Ya Hospital, Central South University.

Here is the website of the research center:, but it seemed that this website is not that professional as many pages don’t work.

Also I found a doctor named Jian Li (李坚), who is the professor and archiater of Xiang Ya Hospital of Central South University. He has a personal website (, in which many people left messages asking about the operation of removing gallstones while leaving the gallbladder intact.

 There are no contact information of the two doctors in their website. I haven’t contact with Yang-De Zhang and Jian Li from Xiang Ya Hospital of Central South University. Do you want me to try to contact with them?


2 The cost of about CNY10,000 includes the fees for the operation and other fees during your stay in the hospital. They don’t charge any fee to your girlfriend for stay with you in the hospital.
3 The hospital provides three meals a day. The cost for one meal, one person is about CNY 7-10.(Both of you and your girlfriend need to pay for meals.). Please tell your taboos on diet if you have.
4 He would like to do the operation for you. You’d better make a reservation at least 3 to 5 days in advance. (I suggest you to make the reservation one month in advance because he seemed is very busy.)
5 If you go there in December, after December 20th, it’s Ok.(“After December” is not very clear, I suggest you to tell a specific time as much as possible. As far as I know, the President of a hospital are usually very busy.)
6 For the details and reservation, please contact with doctor Wang.(Number:13316295262 020-34935551)
7 It is better to have a translator with you, but it is Ok if you don’t. They have people who can use English to do the daily communications with you.
8 It’s better to bring your previous medical materials, like examination results etc.
9 You need to pay in RMB (CNY) and must be pay in cash.
10 Notes: if you have an acute cholecystitis attacks, you need to firstly accept anti-inflammatory treatment and then have the operation two weeks after that.


English Chinese
名称 The Second People’s Hospital Panyu Guangzhou

地址 Address: No.7 Xingye Road, Dagang Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.
Post Code: 511470

Contacts联系人 Qiao Tie:133-1629-5988 020-34994386
乔铁:133-1629-5988 020-34994386

Doctor Wang:133-1629-5262 020-34935551
Fax: 34935551
王兴强:133-1629-5262 020-34935551
Fax: 34935551

Google Map,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1284&bih=619&wrapid=tlif135011937028110&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ei=2S95UI2gA8ndigfg7IDwDw&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAg

(In this page, “A” refers to the hospital)

(In this page, “B” refers to the hospital)
How to get to the Hospital:

Doctor Wang said that you can go to the hospital from Hongkong to Panyu Hotel by “Direct Bus” (直通巴士). He knew that there is the bus station at Hongkong airport and other stations in Honkong, but he don’t know where they are.

Since you would live in Hongkong for one night, maybe you can ask hotel where the “Direct Bus” stations are. I will also do some research about this and will tell you once I got the details.

If you take the bus, please get off at “Panyu Hotel” (番禺宾馆). They will pick you up there.

Doctor Wang suggested you to call him twice. One is a day before you arrive Panyu, the other is before you get on the “Direct Bus”. (You can buy a special cell phone card, so that you can make phone calls from Hongkong to mainland China. In Hongkong, you can find the card in many stores, like Seven Eleven. This card can only use to call from Hongkong to mainland China. If you arrived mainland China, it would not work. So you’d better call doctor Wang before you leave Hongkong.)


More detailed info about this technology and doctors involved see here and


PS. Don’t forget to mention that I, EUGENE GOOGLE, referred you to this hospital, you will get VIP treatment then :)

Update 15 Feb 2013. Ultrasound shows small stones are growing back again  3 stones ~3-4mm size now.

US ABDOMEN- Previous laparascopic removal of gallstones in China. Discomfort.

The gallbladder contains three mobile stones measuring approx 3-4mm.No US evidence
of cholecystitis

Liver is normal in size, outline and echotexture.

No intra-or extrahepatic duct dilatation. CBD = 3.9mm Forward flow in portal vein.

Kidneys are normal size, shape and appearance.

RT = 10.2 cm. LT = 9.6 cm.

No US evidence of stones or hydronephrosis.

Pancreas, spleen (10.2cm ) and aorta NAD.

CONCLUSION: The gallbladder contains three mobile stones measuring approx 3-4mm.

No intra- or extra-hepatic duct dilatation.No US evidence of cholecystitis.

Download 10 Feb 2013 Ultrasound Scan Images Here


update 26 april 2013

Visited GP, GP declined to send me to ultrasound scan, no matter how hard I asked him for it.
But he was happy to cut it out any time though.
Guess what’s left is either to find private ultrasound scan in UK, or go to Italy for less expensive scan or to find and buy from China ultrasound scan device and be independent DIY



16 May 2013 Going to Latvia in June 2013 for screening and ultrasound scan, much cheaper and faster than in UK NHS or private UK

Stitch Suture

Update 16 June 2013

Came from Latvia, did fully comprehensive medical screening for 250 GBP
Stones are bigger now, growing fast back again but fortunately no pain so far. Cholesterol level back to normal.


347 Responses to “My life with gallstone and without it”

  • Gina Long:

    Hi Eugene, I would really like to get this surgery, like you I have been searching for something like this for years, and just about to get on a waiting list for gallbladder removal after 6 years of holding off. The difficulty is that I am English speaking. If I call the hotline for booking a gallstone removal will they have someone who can speak english? I’m so happy you shared this online for me to find.

    • admin:

      don’t cut your gallstone yet. They don’t speak English. Contact Crystal The Best Nurse at 710672705 at qq dot com, she might help you, or even better ask Amanda she did a great job investigating and arranging meeting with doctors in China
      Her email is amanda9815 at gmail dot com, phone number is 0086-158-551-26719 (0086 is the code of mainland China.)
      Helped us a lot, great assistant, her fees roughly 15 USD per hour. Buy Chinese SIM Card as soon as you get to china or even earlier

      • Nadezhda Shal:

        Hello Eugene; we have gone through your website and tried to contact Dr. Wang and Amanda as well. but, communication didn’t take place as they were not being able to understand me. I had sent them the same e-mail which i am copying below. Can you please provide any suggestion how to get a reply from them?
        ——– Пересылаемое сообщение ——–
        От кого: Shalkovnikova Nadezhda
        Дата: Понедельник, 25 марта 2013, 14:46 +04:00
        Тема: Fwd: Re: Enquiry on Gallbladder endoscopes

        Hello Ms Amanda,

        Can you please convey the below mail to Dr. Wang of The Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District, Panyu, Guangzhou and request him to send a reply to us?

        With Best regards:
        Shalkovnikova Nadezhda

        ——– Пересылаемое сообщение ——–
        От кого: Shalkovnikova Nadezhda
        Дата: Понедельник, 25 марта 2013, 14:37 +04:00
        Тема: Re: Enquiry on Gallbladder endoscopes

        Hello Dr. Xiao-feng Wang,

        My name is Ms. Nadezhda Shalkovnikova. I’m from Russia, Vladivostok.

        I have heard about The Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District, Panyu, Guangzhou 511470, People’s Republic of China and your method of gallbladder endoscopes which is effective for gallstone removal without gallbladder excsion.

        My friend Anna, who speaks Chinese, had talked to you over phone a few days back and gave me your email address. Your correspondence is copied below.

        I have a problem with my daughter. She is 19 years old. In December 2012, a stone was found in her gallbladder of size 2.8 cm. The stone is very badly sitting in the neck of the bladder. The gallbladder is increased in size. Diagnosis is Cholestasis.

        I want to know how to get my daughter to the surgery in your clinic. How to organize a visit, get examinated and listed for the surgery.

        We will send the results of ultrasonography in English. What else is required?

        Also, please let us know whether the hospital have interpreters in English or Russian?

        With Best regards:
        Shalkovnikova Nadezhda



        玛雪晴 (Ann)
        Vladivistok city, Russia



        • admin:

          If they have hard time understanding you then may I suggest you to hire a interpreter as I did, found on
          Also keep contact with interpreter whilst visiting China.

          • Nadezhda Shal:

            Thanx Eugene; Dr. Wang replied in e-mail and we will be sending the translation of our ultrasonography today. Let’s hope for the best.

      • Julie:

        Hi Eugene,

        Awaiting a response,please have someone contact me ASAP.

  • xiaofeng-wang:

    Hello!Eugene.I am Xiao-feng Wang). Do you remember me ?(I am a surgeon of The Second People′s Hospital of Panyu of China.) we are glad to see this page.
    You can get materials of our operation from and
    my email address: wkysxf at 163 dot com

    • admin:

      Hey! How you doing? :) Of course I remember you, good job you did with me, thanks for fixing me :)

    • Nadezhda Shal:

      Hello Dr. Xiao-feng Wang,

      My name is Ms. Nadezhda Shalkovnikova. I’m from Russia, Vladivostok.

      I have heard about The Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District, Panyu, Guangzhou 511470, People’s Republic of China and your method of gallbladder endoscopes which is effective for gallstone removal without gallbladder excsion.

      My friend Anna, who speaks Chinese, had talked to you over phone a few days back and gave me your email address. Your correspondence is copied below.

      I have a problem with my daughter. She is 19 years old. In December 2012, a stone was found in her gallbladder of size 2.8 cm. The stone is very badly sitting in the neck of the bladder. The gallbladder is increased in size. Diagnosis is Cholestasis.

      I want to know how to get my daughter to the surgery in your clinic. How to organize a visit, get examinated and listed for the surgery.

      We will send the results of ultrasonography in English. What else is required?

      Also, please let us know whether the hospital have interpreters in English or Russian?

      With Best regards:
      Shalkovnikova Nadezhda



      玛雪晴 (Ann)
      Vladivistok city, Russia



    • ozgur:

      Dear Dr. Wang

      I don’t see any improvement in the other parts of the world to understand and apply the technique in past year.

      I started my endevaurs to generate the awareness. You will see much more patients and doctors who will visit China to see and learn your technique. I believe that you should market your endoscope also.


  • Xiao-feng Wang:

    Hi !Eugene. Give my kind regards to you and Nataly!Your friends need the details of the operation: cut a small right subcostal incision(about 1-3cm) under the monitoring of laparoscopy which entered through umbilicus and grasped gallbladder with forceps and extracted it outside of the abdominal wall, then cut off the gallbladder on the bottom (less than 6mm), explored in it, then drained the bile with a sterile ventricular drainage tube. When the bile drained out, gallbladder was explored with CHiAO cholecystoscope
    (Chinese National Patent Number: ZL200820188856.6, China).
    The large stones (Φ≥0.5cm) were removed by the various stone extracted basket, while the small stones (Φ<0.5cm), the bile sludge and sand-like stones were removed by the sand–like stones absorbing box using negative pressure. At last, double interlocking sutured the incision of the gallbladder bottom with absorbable catgut, made sure the suture was tight and then sutured the abdominal wall layer by layer.

    • Oleg:

      Hello,Who know why this operation now cost is 29650 CNY :-( .However all inclusive,food, housing and transport,and say what they do only in one hospital,maybe someone knows :that no other who does not?

      • admin:

        Oleg, I asked Xiao-feng Wang and he said current prices are roughly about 13 000 CNY.
        Where did you get this 29 500 CNY then?

        • Екатерина:

          Dear Eugeny

          Thank you for keeping this site updated. I will try to figure out where that difference in price came from. Please check up the site with the price of 178 000 Rubles that is approx. about 35 600!!!! CNY. WTF? This price is enormous!!!! Can you please do me a favor and discuss this issue with Dr.Xiao-feng Wang. I would appriciate that and also many patients from Russia.

          • admin:

            Probably they are intermediaries aka tour agents :)
            But their price markup is a bit steep.
            Do it yourself then, hire an interpreter directly and you are good to go by yourself.

        • Олег:

          Приветствую Евгений,на сайте были такие цены,сейчас ещё дороже 178000 руб.,ноя счязывался доктором Вангом он мне тоже сказал про 13000 юаней.спасибо)

          • admin:

            178000 Russian Ruble equals
            30400.44 Chinese Yuan

            Совсем озверели они там что ли? =)

        • Brian:

          Hi Eugene , I have read through your web page great job.
          Yes I to have gallstones, and wish to get in contact with Dr Wang Gang.
          Do you have his current email?
          First question will be the cost? , and I will have many more questions after this.
          Kind regards

  • Xiao-feng Wang:

    In the past four years, our institute has published 3 monographs and more than 30 papers, assumed 6 science technology projects, applied for 6 national invention patents, and accomplished 9 original SCI papers.
    Since 2008, the institute led by Tie Qiao has applied for 900 national patents and 38 international patents (PCT) in the medical endoscopic field, and 650 national patents are granted. Director Tie Qiao is the unique doctor who applied for and gained the most patents in the world.
    welcome to connect with us.

    • Kari Koivula:

      please send me more info on your unique gallstone removal technique

    • Praveen:

      Hello Doctor,
      my wife is having multiple gallstones 3-10mm, Please let me know how to plan this surgery in your hospital, I would like it to be done by 20Dec-25Dec 2013.


    • erick fernandez:

      Hi Dr. Wang, Im Erick Fernandez from the Philippines I have gallstones and my ultrasound results last August 4, 2015 states that ; gallbladder is normal in size with normal wall thickness. Multiple shadowing echoes are seen in the gallbladder, the biggest measuring 3.3 CM while the smallest measures 0.5 CM. My question is if it is posible to take off 3.3 CM stones and what are the requirements for me to be operated by your hospitalbv

  • Jennifer adams:

    A really interesting account and I wish you the best of luck on your recovery. My slight reservation about going ahead with this is the possibility of the stones coming back.

    Did the doctor’s mention this to you at all?

    • admin:

      There is no doubt that stones will come back sooner or later, but it will takes many years to form a new stone big enough to cause problems.
      My gallbladder is working fine, it is not perfectly contracting, but still workable and pumps out bile when needed.
      My policy is simple, better to have something good rather than not :)
      Surgeons always happy to cut something, it is easier for them.
      One NHS surgeons told me here in UK: Nobody is going to do you a favor here and pick up your stone.

  • xiaofeng-wang:

    What kind of disease will be with no recurrence ?

  • Jennifer adams:

    Hi again, thanks for replying and hope you all had a nice Christmas.

    I understand your attitude.

    If you don’t mind me asking – what do you plan to do once the gallstones come back again?

    Regards :)

    • admin:

      When gallstones come back I’ll drink doctor Tie Qiao special nanobots apple juice and gallstones will dissolve :)

  • Carole:

    Can I ask – how are you feeling now? Any negative after effects from the surgery? You mention the gallbladder not perfectly contracting….so presumably not releasing enough bile? Will this get better as you get stronger?
    I am absolutely fascinated by this surgery….and am hopeful of finding somebody here in the U.K.
    As for stones coming back – presumably you can avoid them ‘getting too big’ by taking more care with your diet and flushing/dissolving etc.
    Lots of things can be done to improve bile flow for sure.
    Like you I am struggling with a large stone which is being very stubborn to dissolve…..even with TCM.
    I am very pleased for you that you have kept your gb! Well done you. And why, of why, is this surgery being kept a secret….and I am told…there is absolutely nothing you can do except remove the gallbladder.

    • admin:

      I am feeling much better now, it is day and night difference. I ate chicken numerous times since operation and I felt good, only for very brief moment ~5 minutes I had some sensation in my gallbladder, like it was doing something, maybe contracting and pushing out bile. Used to be pain for day or two up to 4 out of 10 and then subsides to constant burning pain 2 out of 10.
      But now I can’t feel my gallbladder when I am not eating, it is so cool and such a relief :)
      I am thinking to resume eating Ursochol pills.
      This surgery is not secret, but it is very recent in medical terms, because I was shown to first fotos of this surgery and it was dated late year 2008 in China, so very recent.
      It will take many many years before UK will accept this type of surgery or won’t be accepted by NHS at all, because it is easier and cheaper to cut out problem.

  • Carole:

    I have received this reply concerning my enquiry re the availability of this surgery in the U.K.
    Hello !
    The dean of the medical college of Chinese University of Hong Kong visited our hospital last year. They are interested in our technique. And Dr. Tie Qiao recieved endoscopic medical awards because of his achievement in U.K.. But this surgery is not available in U.K. now.
    Best regards.
    Xiaofeng Wang

  • Mert:

    How much does this cost in Total? everything included?

    • admin:

      if going from uk london
      visa 50 GBP for EU citizen
      vaccines for free from NHS or 60 GBP if private
      return ticket to hong kong 560 gbp if bought in advance minimum 3 weeks
      one night stay in an awful hotel “room” (more like a detention cell) on the high street 70 GBP
      ferry ticket from Hong Kong to Guangzhou County, Panyu City ~ 20 GBP
      operation and hospital room + food ~ 1 000 GBP
      finally feeling good … priceless :)

      these are estimates, roughly bare minimum ~1700 GBP

  • Carole:

    Another question Eugene…
    How long did you stay in China? You say you were in the hospital for just four days. What happened next? How long before you can fly back to the U.K.?
    Must be nice to be able to eat again – no pain and no fear of eating!
    p.s. Very good of you to set up the website.

    • admin:

      we were picked up by Dr. Wang from Panyu ferry terminal on Sunday and left hospital next Saturday in the morning, I believe, then went to Guangzhou city.
      Visited also Thailand Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket and Singapore while we were at it :)
      Returned to UK after ~23 days.

    • Hi Deb, thanks so much for you qnuitsoes. Here are my thoughts:Yes, apple cider vinegar is great for your gallbladder; but if it’s making you feel bad, I suggest taking a break from it. Each person’s body is different and what works for one person’s gallbladder, may not work for someone else’s. Also keep in mind that ACV can hurt the enamel on your teeth if you drink too much of it too often.It’s possible the ACV is helping dissolve the gallstones and potentially gallbladder sludge as well, and that loosening up could be what’s painful. If that’s the case, in the long run you should be better off as those smaller chunks could be flushed out of your gallbladder.That’s great on eating more salads and vegetables. The best ones are radishes, beets, cucumbers, artichokes, and leafy greens. Adding some good Omega-3 fats like flax seed oil and fresh water salmon would be great too.I don’t really see a problem doing this flush while you’re nursing, but because the epsom salts are high in magnesium, it’s probably best to wait until you’re done, just to be safe. I would do one, then wait about a month, and do another. If you’re like me, you’ll feel like a million bucks a few days after doing the cleanse.I hope this helps!-Chaz

  • Alex:

    After many hours of research and personal contact with some medical specialists i have found this info

    The procedure called ERCP plus cholangioscopy and is available in the UK

    8 NHS hospitals are currently doing it – it can also be carried out privately

    Have a read of this link

    Endoscope will get out the small stones and then the small probe through the endoscope will blast the larger stones ready to be lifted out..

  • Gina Long:

    Good to see all the interest in your story Eugene, there are so many people who have suffered awful symptoms from gallbladder removal, it’s very important that people have access to this information and know about alternative options. I am so grateful for this information and planning to have the surgery in a couple of months.

    In answer to the question about what to do if stones reoccur – there are things we can do to prevent stones from reforming, but I hope that if or when this happens laproscopic gallstone removal will be available in our own Western countries. Or even other gallbladder preserving technologies which are under researched like direct dissolution. The more evidence we can show that people are experiencing negative effects from gallbladder removal the more likely that western medicine will take gallbladder preserving technologies seriously. Clearly there are many of us who are not satisfied with our options!

    Curious to know Euguene, were you able to eat all things straight after the surgery or did you have to avoid certain foods for a period?

    • Carole:

      Hi Gina,
      Are you planning to go to China too? I am so tempted…however will have to wait a bit.
      Please can you letm us know how you get on.
      Thank you.

      • Alex:

        Hi Carole

        there ia a procedure called ERCP plus cholangioscopy and is available in the UK

        8 NHS hospitals are currently doing it – it can also be carried out privately
        Have a read of this link

        Endoscope will get out the small stones and then the small probe through the endoscope will blast the larger stones ready to be lifted out..

        • admin:

          The procedure, also available at eight other NHS hospitals, costs £3,000 to £5,000 to the NHS, depending on the complexity. It can also be carried out privately.
          For details on gallstones, visit

          Why would you spend up to 5k or more on surgery when you can have it for 1700 GBP?
          add extra 1000 gbp to it and you are going to have a fantastic 2 weeks vacation in China/Asia

          • Alex:

            Correct me if i am wrong but i think that you are not interpreting the wording correctly
            “It costs 3-5k TO THE NHS” usual NHS treatment as far as i know is Free – paid by the NHS
            Thats why it also states that if can be done privately also…obviously that is paid..

            well thats how i understood it – also a few things to consider may well be having it done in uk

            – Aftercare by UK doctors / nurses- if anything needs to be checked / controlled, or whatever – a lot easier if its in UK

            – You know pretty well the hospital system and language – ease of mind- one less thing to worry about

            – Not having to travel hundred of miles possibly in pain or distress

            – Initial CHeckup / sono checks / blood tests / all easier if in own language
            and the list could continue

            – lastly there is a 10% chance as with any operation that some complications can happen during or afterwards…given the distance of china as opposed to having it done even locally in uk the peace of mind is more stable knowing that whenever something could/may happen you can get treatment pretty quickly.
            given your situation if you did need some treatment then what a pain it would be to given that NO uk hospital would even have any documentation about the operation and how best to treat the case notes would be in china…

            i am pleased that you found a solution to your stones and obviously did not mind to get it done in China but i found another option and though it would be good to pass some details on..

            i found out about the ERCP method after reading about the south african president who had his stones removed with ERCP sono technique

        • Carole:

          Hi Alex,
          Thanks for taking the time to post this wonderful information. As you say, without the correct information re the surgery – I was continually led to gallbladder removal surgery…even after many hours. And, specialists I contacted telling me there was no other surgery other than removal of the gb….which I think is pretty shocking and unfair! I keep thinking of the articles re Nelson Mandela and his gallSTONE removal.
          I have read the Daily Mail article – very interesting and will be contacting the specialist to see if I am suitable. I keep being told – stone too large to flush/dissolve…..2.8cm calcified gallstone. We shall see. I am on an intensive dissolving procedure now…with various info I have found online and from Andreas Moritz..Gallbladder/Liver flush.
          Re Epsom Salts….I am a huge fan – taking relaxing long baths using the ES – they are brilliant and relax the whole body and any gb discomfort disappears very quickly. Also, I have found that just dripping my fingertip in some ES will help relieve any pressure/discomfort in about 15 minutes. ES help to relax and dilate the bile ducts I understand. So that the people in China are using this is very interesting. ES (Magnesium Sulphate) is fine – in larger doses may cause tummy/loose bowels.
          Eugene…you are a young healthy man and ‘huge respect’ to you for travelling to China. I am not so young and had a near-death experience to anti-malaria drugs whilst on holiday in South Africa which means I can no longer travel to certain countries that require this vaccination….which I would need to make the trip to China, as well as rabies!?! And find somebody to travel with…. A lot to think about….and Liverpool is closer (and I’ve never been to Liverpool!
          Thanks everybody for posting.

    • admin:

      I was told not to eat for couple of weeks fatty food, also was given to drink for two weeks some minty pills + Magnesium sulfate aka Epsom salts like, ungodly horrible taste and vomit inducing liquid.
      I believe it was to relax my stool :) otherwise it would have been painful experience.
      First days I was eating soups and liquids, no more than that. Even after 2 weeks I felt stitches on my gallbladder, it was not easy to get up from bed, could not use my abdominal muscles too much – laughing was painful, sneezing, coughing, etc were painful as well.
      Two ladies from Moscow went to hospital first, before me, it was in September 2012.
      Some say, they were smoking and running around the hospital eating stuff next day after operation, all I know it was not in my case. I think it was because of stone’s size. As you can see on video surgeons tried hard several times to pull it out, and probably stretched gallbladder’s incision hole a bit

      • Alex:

        Just reading your first paragraph that you tried “Flushes”

        – how many flushed exactly did you try ?
        – and how long did you try it for (meaning length of time) ?

        i quote your last message
        “I was told not to eat for couple of weeks fatty food, also was given to drink for two weeks some minty pills + Magnesium sulfate aka Epsom salts ”

        Epsom salts as i know are part of the so called Flush methods of removing gallstones from the body. Very interesting to read that you were given them in CHina after your operation..
        so there must be something in these Epsom Salts to open / relax the bile ducts to release tension thus releaving pain or pressure around the mid-chest/sternum areas

        Now my point is why would they give you Espom Salts when so many people are saying in regards to Flushes that epsom salts are not working and you should not put any salt into the body in the first place..
        so they must work to some degree / maybe fully work or the hospital in china would not have given them to you…

        ERCP treatment for removal of gallstones has been in the USA for well over 6 years – which dates it before the hospital doctors in china. whom you state started in 2009

        some of my local hospitals (in Czech Republic) whom my wife has medical business contact with were asked by her about if they do the procedure ERCP to remove gallstones – they looked at her like she was from the Moon and their reply was “of course we do it”

        which brings me to the direct findings that if you dont know the correct name of “ERCP plus cholangioscopy”
        then you can be sent to the surgeon who will want to remove the gallbladder

        hopefully this information can be useful to people who are considering gallstone removal…

  • Carole:

    Hi again!
    Now I’ve read about the ERCP plus cholangioscopy and re-read Eugene’s surgery.
    I think the operations are two different procedures. The ERCP plus cholangioscopy is when the doctors ‘operate’ via an endoscopy (down the throat) and it is used when a stone is blocking a bile duct or the stone is cholesterol and can be zapped by shockwaves. The surgery Eugene had was a laparoscopy (via the abdomen) and the gb was cut to remove the stones.
    In my case, the calcified gallstone is not suitable to be zapped.

  • Carole:

    Dr Sturgess is the doctor featured in the Daily Mail link supplied by Alex to this site.
    This is his response to my particular query re gallbladder stones….
    I have spoken to Dr Sturgess with your query and he says that it is not suitable for gallbladder stones, only difficult bile duct stones.

  • Wang Gang:

    Hello, Eugene.
    I’m Dr. Wang Gang, three months past afer the operation, how are you feeling now?
    Afer read the replay of other people, I explain a problem. ERCP is used to remove stones in the common bile duct, the operation is through oral with a duodenoscopy. It can not be used to treat gallbladder stones.
    Our operation is to remove stones in gallbladder. We can do ERCP also.

    • admin:

      Hi there! I am doing good, thanks.
      Tomorrow I am going to GP to get an appointment for ultra scan, will take couple of weeks I guess before I upload results.

    • Gui:

      I had a severe paufnil gall bladder attack when I was pregnant with my second child. It seemed I always had a huge gas bubble right under my sternum whenever I ate and had terrible indigestion. I read up on things I could do at the time and eventually symptoms went away. I am gluten and dairy free (except for the occasional parmesan cheese on salads). The last week I read the awesome benefits ACV and have been taking two teaspoons in a large glass of water 3 times a day. The last two days I have had horrible gas and bloating ( I can move the gas bubble around ). I feel nauseated discomfort, but no pain like I felt when this happened while pregnant. Could the apple cider vinegar be aiding in moving stones? Should I continue doing the ACV? I have been eating more salads and vegetables, no fruit except occasional apple, also avoiding sugars in attempts to get candida under control. My vice is my morning coffee. I am scratching my head on why the sudden gall bladder issues. Also, I am still nursing so I am assuming this type of flush should not be tried until after baby is weened?! Thank you for your helpful sight!

    • David Rodrigues:

      Good day I would like to know the total price of the surgery please for more information my hotmail is

    • Olusola Ajibola:

      Hello Dr. Wang,
      I was recently diagnosed with calcified gall bladder stones and have been asked to remove the gall bladder. After reading this, I think your procedure is best for me. Please guide me to how I can make it down to your hospital. I live in the United States
      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Olusola Ajibola

    • Karen:

      Hello Dr Wang,

      Do you ever travel to the UK or Europe to perform the gallstone removal operation?

      Kind regards

  • Jennifer adams:

    Carole, that was a crucial question that you got a reply to from the doctor. ERCP is for removing stones in the bile duct, not the bladder itself. What they do in China is unique in that it removes the stones from the bladder. The main thing you have to be aware of is there is a chance the stones will come back if you get the china treatment – Dr Wang Gang does say this. According to a website (sorry I have no reference) it said something along the lines of “A malfunctioning gallbladder is essentially a factory producing gallstones”. Removal of gallbladder removes the stones and the possibility of them coming back for most people.

    Nelson Mandella is 94 years old and got ERCP, we can conclude from that, that stones in his bile duct were causing problems and hence removed. Also even if they did remove the stones from his bladder, he is unlikely to live long enough to worry about them coming back.

    Through the fact finding I have done, it appears that any method that removes the stones but leaves the bladder in tends to be temporary and have significant disadvantages. Some medical technology would have to be invented that would cause the diseased gallbladder to function normally again. I think this is the reason why gallbladder removal is still the favoured treatment by most doctors worldwide.

    This is an awful truth to face. I know how it feels as I have stones. I too have a great respect for Eugene and Dr Wang Gang in China. However, I am concerned about having a procedure to remove the stones only for them to return a few years later to eventually decide to “bite the bullet” and just be done with it and have the gallbladder removed.

    • admin:

      Kidney stones are recurring all the time, but you don’t remove kidney.
      If surgeon removes kidney, patient dies 100%, so surgeons have to remove kidney stones time and time again, they have got no choice.

      But gallbladder is not critical organ, but nevertheless important one. So doctors go the easy and cheap way – remove gallbladder and forget about it.

      Gallbladder is an important organ, you can always cut it out later.
      Don’t be afraid, try it first =)

  • Irina:

    Hi Eugene!

    Thanks a million for this website! I have been diagnosed with gallstones last October after a particularly festive trip to Russia :). Surgeons in my hometown & in Dubai where I currently live all suggested removal. I did not agree. I was looking for alternative, so I found articles about Dr. Wang & team, but couldn’t find contacts until recently. I had a very severe attack last week & was about to give in for surgery in Dubai, but then I tried my luck & called Dr. Wang.
    I’m arranging our trip for this Wed & hope to have the surgery this coming weekend! Your site was a HUGE help with all the details about operation & the trip itself. I will post an update once I have it :)
    Can’t wait!

  • Carole:

    This is all very exciting news. Irina good luck and please post how you get on.
    Jennifer as to your comment…..I have had to change my diet a great deal because of the gb problems and I know that without the gb I may have problems and so will have to be aware of that. It seems that there is a great deal that can be done to help the gb function well and that would certainly be my preference. Also helping treat gallstones before they become a problem. Technology is moving so fast – let’s hope they come up with something that can help people with gallstones in the bladder. It is rather beyond my comprehensive that a machine can help with a stone stuck in a bile duct and yet cannot help remove a stone in the bladder!?!
    I wish Dr Wang Gang could come to England…..I’m sure he would have people lining up for the surgery.

    • admin:

      I ate British duck and Hare & Tortoise Yum Noodle and some laksa and nothing bad happened to me :)
      It was a good day :)

    • Hi Sylvia, if you just have a pinch of pain on the right-side of your body about at the bottom of your rib cage, there’s a good cchnae it’s a gallbladder problem and most likely gallstones. Take a look at our post about to better diagnose the issue. If you do have gallstones, we suggest doing a and changing to a healthy . Keep us posted on how it goes!

  • xiaofeng-wang:

    every patient gets a good appetite after operation. enjoy your life!

  • Irina:

    Hello again! Just want to report the successful operation that I had on Jan 26. One big (almost 2cm) & about 5 small stones are out for good! I feel good, the only inconvenience is the post CO2 gas pain that surprisingly radiates to the shoulder, but it’s going down with every day.
    I’m able to walk & slowly started eating solids again. The hospital stuff is amazing & so helpful. Nurse Crystal is just a star!!! She helped us a lot.

    Hopefully I will be discharged after a couple of days, if everything continues to go well. Cannot wait to return to normal life – last 3-4 months my diet was mostly steamed veggies & baby food. I so hope to eat some delicious dumplings before I go back to Dubai. :)

    I cannot recommend this operation more if you’re suffering from sever gallstones attack & there’s no way to treat them with drugs! Yes, it’s a surgery, but it’s minimally invasive & so far seems to be the most advance technology in gallstones removal.

    P.S. The hungry fish miss you so much Eugene! We’ve been feeding them on your behalf every day. :)

    • admin:

      Woohhooo! Congrats on successful operation!
      And thanks for taking care of hungry gold fish, they are all starving =)

    • Dubai:

      Обращаюсь лично к Ирине из Дубая, которая прооперировалась 26 января 2013 года.
      Ирина, добрый день! Я тоже из Дубая. У меня есть вопросы к вам, так как мы с одного города с вами. Будьте добры, свяжитесь со мной. Мой емайл и телефон в Дубае +971555392712, скайп liliya_suhorukova. Заранее спасибо

  • crystal:

    I’m happy to see so many people interested in gallstone found resonance on this site. Thank you very much EUGUNE made ​​detailed site, brought hope to these deeply troubled by the gallbladder disease. I hope that you can get rid of the stones troubled return to normal life. FOMINA IRINA, REPNIKOVA VERONIKA; UGENG, NATALY, Konstantin and Julia Hodak.
    You guys now? I will never forget the good times spent with you, very happy to do your special care, because you my spoken English has been a breakthrough progress, I miss you, you have the time to travel to China,

    • admin:

      Hello Crystal! You will get more chance to practice English, I am sure more people all over the world are coming to you!

  • crystal:

    tody ,Irina will leave the hospital.The time was getting so fast ,we have stay with each other for 4 days,but not enough time for us.But i feel very happy she has got all her stones out and get a heathy body.Tomorrow she wll came back to her hometown,all the best for her and metvey.Hope next time to see you!

  • Wang Gang:

    Hello, Erik,
    I’m doctor Wang Gang, you’d better send your B-ultrosound test report to us. We should know about your gallbladder and stones now.
    My email:

    • Natalia:

      Hello, Eugene. Long ago you did not write. In what state is now in your gallbladder does not disappear cake? I removed within 5 months of the stones in my gall bladder ursofalk but results ultrasound they become smaller. I told the doctor about perazim in China for the gall bladder, which can remove the stones, retaining body. The doctor said that the operation against all medical canons. That after some time the stones appear again and I have already sent to the removal of the gall bladder. My dream is to get rid of the stones, but I’m afraid to go to a foreign country, that the operation does not bring the desired results.
      Do you think Eugene, why no one else is writing about the results of operations and how the rehab? Why do not people share their experiences?
      Please write regarding the surgery, if possible – how to penetrate the gall bladder through the stomach or not? How is the surgery? This is very important. And if you speak in Russian? Thank you in advance for your response.

  • Irina:

    Hello everyone!
    Just wanted to say many THANKS to the amazing doctors at the hospital. It’s been a life changing week for me. I have received a picture of all my stones today from Dr. Wang Gang – it’s 18 of them (!!!), including a huge 2cm one. I’m really glad they’re all out!
    I have arrived home today & feel great. I still continue on some medication & keeping a low fat diet for now, as my gallbladder was chronically inflamed & the inflammation is slowly reducing now.
    I realie that unless I change my lifestyle to a healthier one the stones might come back. But I’m very determined not to let them. I have reduced my weight significantly over the last few months & will continue to do so, eating healthy & exercising.
    It’s a great thing that there’s this hospital that can let you keep your organ & live normal life.

    Eugene, you did an amazing job with this website, and if I didn’t see it at the right time I would have lost my gallbladder to the local butchers.

    Crystal, you’re an amazing nurse & you’ve become a great friend over these few days!

    Dr. Wang Gang & his team are great professionals & truly care about their patients, thank you so much!

    And of course, President Tie Qieao who invented the endoscope & perfomed the operation – THANK YOU!

    Best regards,

    • Shana:

      Hello Irina,

      I am so glad to hear that your surgery was a success and you are fully recovered and back to normal life! I was wondering if you could email me so I can ask you some questions, because I am seriously considering this surgery and would love to get more of your input. Whenever you are free, please send me a quick email. Thank you!

  • crystal:

    hi,Irina,very happy that you have got to your home.Takecare of yourself ,more rest and not to make youself so tired.I sure metvey will look afer you very well. I miss you.I make a skype .Remember to tell me your skype nomber,then we can talk and see each other.

  • admin:

    Chinese New Year 2013 SnakeDear staff of Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District!
    Happy New Year to all of you from your Global patients!
    Wishing you the very best!
    Eugene & Natalija

  • Xiao-feng Wang:

    Happy New Year to YOU & Natalija!!

  • Natalia:

    Hello. I write to you from Russia. My name is Natalia. I am 28 years old. Long ago I suffer from a zhelchekamenny illness. In a gall bladder I have some concrements (1 of them of the size of 9 to 1 cm, besides doctors think that is a polyp, others, them a little from 3 to 6-7 mm in the diameter). Besides to me make the diagnosis duodenitis, bile in a stomach. I know that in China, the city of Guangzhou there is a clinic on removal of stones from a gall bladder keeping thus body. Answer please what results and consequences after operation? How much is operation? What terms of rehabilitation and guarantee? And what is necessary for operation? Very much I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Natalia:

      I sent you to the post results from the last abdominal ultrasound and fibrogastroscopy. I drink to dissolve the stones Ursofalk 1.5 months on a diet – do not eat fried, spicy, salty, smoked, starchy foods, drink more water. Also used flax seeds and beet broth.
      And if you do not dissolve the stones? What to do then? Please write how the gall bladder after surgery, it reduces, not whether bile leaks? Does not affect the quality of the seam on the gall bladder. Waiting for your reply. Thank you.

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  • admin:

    I got new ultra sound scans, stones are growing back slowly, 3mm size now

  • Natalia:

    You answer my questions? I wrote an email to Dr. Wang, but also while the answer to your problem is not received.

  • Natalia:

    Write please – stones come back at all so quickly? You will be repeatedly operated?

  • Wang Gang:

    I saw the pictures of the ultrasound, there are something like small stones in the gallbladder. After your operation there is only about there months. Stones would not form so quick. Now the stones may be biliary sludge. In the video of your operation, we had taken all the stones away.

    You can take Ursodeoxycholic acid to dissolve the stones. Take 10mg/kg per day. 250mg each time, 3 times a day. You should take B ultrasound each month. If the stones disappear, then reduce the dose. After take Ursodeoxycholic acid, you should check the liver function.

    Besides take Ursodeoxycholic acid, you can take Epsom salt (33% Adlerika). It is a medicine of cholagogue. Oral administration, 15ml each time, three times a day, taking before meals, 2 days as a course of treatment, taking one course every 2 weeks. If diarrhea, a common side effect of this medicine, was serious, reduce the dosage (10ml each time) or stop intake.

    Keep a reasonable and healthy diet, more crude fiber food and eat regularly.

  • Natalia:

    I sent you to the post results from the last abdominal ultrasound and fibrogastroscopy. I drink to dissolve the stones Ursofalk 1.5 months on a diet – do not eat fried, spicy, salty, smoked, starchy foods, drink more water. Also used flax seeds and beet broth.
    And if you do not dissolve the stones? What to do then? Please write how the gall bladder after surgery, it reduces, not whether bile leaks? Does not affect the quality of the seam on the gall bladder. Waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  • Jennifer adams:

    Eugene, that was very good of you to post the results of your ultrascan – thank you very much for that. It proves you are a person of good character and integrity in that you share all news of your experience regardless of whether it is good or bad.

    I am sorry to hear that your stones appear to have come back so soon – I wasn’t expecting that. You deserved better with the effort you put in.

    I hope you are ok and your positivity will guide you through your next step.

  • Carole:

    Hi Eugene, thanks for taking the time to post your latest results. And I concur with Jennifer’s comments. You have been brilliant to put this information online to help people and I so hope you can find a positive way forwards. I was hoping that I might have some ‘helpful’ information for you. I have just had another scan which shows that my large gallstone is getting bigger – up to 3.1cms now since November when it was 3.0cms. This is particularly sad because I have been on an intensive dissolving protocol using Gold Coin Grass and Chanca Piedra. No impact on the stone, thus far. I thought that perhaps having the Chinese surgery would at least remove the stone and then a continued strict diet and help to improve gb health and doing a dissolving/flushing protocol if tiny stones came back would be the answer. However, if nothing ‘dissolves’ stones…it is a bit difficult to make decisions on what direction to go.
    Hopefully the advice you have been given….a sort of mini flush with the Epsom Salts/Acid will get rid of the stones that have formed and then a regular maintenance protocol will help.
    I still feel this surgery is brilliant and if only it was in England….I would have it in a trice.
    Will you be changing your diet to help?
    Take care and let us know how you get on.

    • Alex:

      Hi Carole

      just read about your new scan showing that the stone has increased in size. Recently i have spoken to the Top Gastroenterologist Professor in a main Hospital (he is NOT a surgeon and does not remove gallbladders) he is extremely knowledgeable on the gallbladder and other organs and told me this info when i saw him for my sono scan

      there are 2 types of gallstones –
      First is Dietry stones from what you eat
      Second are hereditary stones – passed through family genes.

      A gallbladder if it produces stones is diseased- if stones are taken out then they will come back again even with a acid like Ursodeoxycholic – which is successful on about 50% of patients and if they stop to take the acid then the stones grow back again.
      Once the GB starts to produce stones even if its dietry stones then they can slowly also come back in time.And if hereditary then again will come back.

      If stones are left inside the gallbladder for a long time then there are risks which could happen like gallbladder cancer / pancreatitis –
      “Acute pancreatitis is a sudden inflammation that occurs over a short period of time. In the majority of cases, acute pancreatitis is caused by gallstones ”

      Now what is good is that you only have one large stone but it also depends if your gallbladder is still operating as it should – it should contract when various foods are eaten.

      Flushes sadly do not work – they are only the olive oil and bile salts hardened up – the solution does not even go into the gallbladder.
      Herbal teas . chanca piedra, gold coin grass, chinese bitters, dandelion root tea etc are probably good for your body generally but i personlly have done 5 flushes and taken all the above teas for 5 months and my gallbladder is still completely filled up with small stones. I had a sono done in October which showed my GB filled with stones. doing the flushes i passed each time about 40-55 green/ ochre pea stones so after 5 flushes say 150-200 stones…well i saw the images on the monitor from my sono done a couple of weeks ago and i can say that the flush stones definitely DID NOT come from my Gallbladder – as my GB is still completely filled up…they are only mix of oil and bile

      Sadly in my sitatuion he said that as the GB has been filled up with stones for at least a good few year then my GB has not actually worked (contracted as it should) as it cant due to its filled up.
      then even if the stones were to come out with the chinese method then there is a small chance the GB will function again as its like asleep my body will probably not even notice it if its removed as its now been without its full operation for a long time. so sadly i dont have any other option -tried all the flushes/teas which did nothing.
      so unless a miracle happens overnight then it looks for me GB removal surgery.
      You should also change your diet – i did and dont have any more attacks for a long time. but i dont want to risk any GB cancer or pancreatitis- which is 100 times more painful than a GB attack !!!

      if you need any other info on diets etc -please ask
      take care and good luck :-)

      • Carole:

        Hi Alex….thanks for taking the time to write. I don’t want to ‘highjack’ Eugene’s site about the Chinese surgery with a debate about flushes/herbs etc. I am more than happy to discuss flushes/herbs/diet and I have created an email address if you wish to debate further. 😉
        In response to your comments….I am fortunate in that I have the one stone…sad that it is so large and not easy to flush! I had absolutely no idea I had a gallstone….it was as a result of my liver being badly affected because of medication.
        My liver/gb/pancreas/kidneys are all now very healthy – recent bloods and scans. Herbs/diet and TCM have helped enormously to rebalance my body and especially the liver which was in a poorly state.
        Why do some of us have gallstones….who knows? I tick the box – hereditary! Diet/lifestyle – no! One thing I do have is a wonky thyroid….and they are notorious for causing a vast number of problems and gallstones/thyroid problems are very common.
        I have one gallstone now…the other has gone! My current stone is moving about freely….and that I am sure is because of the work I have done over the past six months with diet and herbs. Something is working.
        Yesterday I received an email from Sensible Health saying they have helped many people with large gallstones – calcified and otherwise and they have before and after scans to show that herbs have worked.
        As you say, it is vital to get the liver/gb decongested and it may take considerable time and a larger dose of herbs. I am convinced that this has been my case.
        Surgery or not? An interesting debate….. I know of people who have had gb surgery and are happy….others not so. One lady has recurrent pancreatitis because the surgeon made an error! A man who’s surgeon left a stone in a duct and he was rushed back into hospital. Perhaps these cases are rare….but the forums are filled with people who have problems post surgery.
        I cannot have surgery at the moment….so it gives me time to try other means and I am passionate about complementary therapies and so am happy to try those.
        As for diet….again what may work for one may not work for another. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for some people during an attack….other people prefer beet tea or flax tea.
        A very complex business and each person has to work out what works for them.
        I know I make gallstones and so nothing will now change that situation for the duration of my life…whether I have any form of surgery or not. That’s what I am trying to work with at the moment – through diet and herbs….to make my life as enjoyable and healthy as possible.
        Sensible Health and Earth Clinic both have a lot of information/advice on gallstones/liver/gb problems. SH in particular I found very helpful.
        Yes, of course, the gb may be very badly diseased and not functioning properly and, in some cases, surgery will be the only sensible option. However, I do believe with the correct help it can be healed…if the stones can be removed successfully.
        I do hope you are able to find something – other than surgery – that will help you. Don’t give up.
        If I can help you in any way…..I am more than happy to try!
        :-) Take care, Carole

      • admin:

        Try this new procedure and then if it does not work out you can remove gallbladder with ease on your mind that you did what you could.
        GB is still functional but it is not contracting 100%.
        And those “flushes” are just a placebo, no scientific proof they ever worked

  • Rossi:

    Hi there,
    I am so glad to have found this site!

    I have been struggling with gallstones since my twenties (I am now 34) as it runs in the family and I have been the typical yoyo dieter!
    I have had a good amount of attacks in the past that were set quite far apart, and I had been able to keep them at bay by either eating well, taking medicines such as Advil and Tylenol or vicadine, and had in the past done flushes.
    Unfortunately this past october I had an attach that I could not revert and so I ended up in the hospital with emergency procedure to figure out.

    I have always known about the removal of the gallbladder but never wanted to do it because I am the type of person that believes that what God gave us we should try to preserve, if permitted to!
    Luckily for me, I think he was smiling upon me on that day because there was this doctor there (which funnily enough, was a doctor that I wanted to see a few years before, but wasn’t able to for some reason that I can not remember!) that was able to do an ERCP procedure (the procedure that takes out the stones that are stuck in the ducts by using some instrument that goes done the throat and does what it does!)
    Unfortunately, ever since, my gallbladder seems to be more sensitive and has been acting out way too much to lead a normal life:(

    I just went to do an ultrasound and a blood work because my upper abdomen area has been really hurting in these passed few weeks, and it looks like I have a stone that is probably about 3 cm big and, of corse, a “LOT” of smaller stones.
    I am going to the specialist tomorrow which of corse is going to tell me that the only solution is to remove the gallbladder because they will likely come back anyway, but since he is the cool doctor that did the ERCP on me, I think that if I go there armed with more information he might try and help me figure out the alternatives.
    I am hoping that he will give me something for the inflammation, then give me permission to do a flush, and then tell me to come back to do another ultrasound to check where we are at; but obviously the large stone wont be able to flush out…..
    Here I am, looking for some kind of procedure that can take the stones out without taking the gallbladder too, so that it can by me time for future innovations such as the future nonobots!!
    My only problem is that I live in the US and I have been trying to see if there is anywhere in this country (possibly in the west) where the do this procedure, but I have not found it yet.
    so …. does anyone out there know if there is somewhere here in America where I could do this, or is england and china the only places? And if there isn’t somewhere here in the states, is one place better then the other?

    Please, please let me know as soon as possible because the problem is definitely getting worse and I know that I can not mess around with this for too long especially since I have two beautiful kids for whom I have to stick around for healthily, but also because I am so tiered of being at the mercy of this issue:(

    Thanks to all, especially to Eugene for putting this information out and of corse to the doctors that have invented this new method:)

  • Jennifer adams:

    Alex that is a very full and researched post. Thanks very much. I also read on an australian website that most people who have their GB’s out don’t actually notice much difference because the body has already been ignoring it for some time as it has “packed in”. That concurs with what you have found out. I think the people with a fully functioning GB and stones and have surgery are more likely to notice post-op issues.

    It almost makes sense to allow the GB to “fall asleep” first then have the surgery. Then it isn’t as much of a shock to the digestive system that will likely already have adjusted to working without the GB.

    Eugene, you have been quiet, please let us know how you are.

    • Natalia:

      Good afternoon, Eugene. How at you put, what showed ultrasound of your gall bladder, you had stones?

    • Наталья:

      Добрый день, Евгений. Два месяца назад сделала эту операцию, скоро пойду на узи. Вы хотите сказать, что теперь стоимость операции составляет 29650 CNY? Если совсем недавно операция стоила 12000 CNY. Или эти расценки действуют лишь на территории Украины?

    • Наталья:

      Добрый день, Евгений. Ответьте пожалуйста – подражала операция действительно или нет?

      • Natalia K:

        Здравствуйте Наталья! Я Ваша тезка из Украины. И я и мой крестник хотели сделать обсуждающуюся здесь операцию. Мы написали Dr. Tie Qiao, он ответил, что с нами свяжутся, после чего перезвонила русскоязычная леди и объявила цену в около 5 тыс долл, которая, правда включает в себя услуги переводчика и все остальное… Как вы организовывали свою поездку, с кем лучше связаться, чтобы обойти эти доп услуги? Мы оба немного говорим на англ. Заранее огромное спасибо за ответ

    • Natalya:

      Добрый день, Евгений. У моей знакомой камни в желчном пузыре. Она очень хочет сделать операцию по их удалению. Знаете ли координаты по которым можно связаться с врачом? Благодарна за ответ.

  • cj:

    Hi Eugene, how long was it before you noticed that new stones were forming? Are you still experiencing gallstone pain now that new ones are forming? How many days would you say were required to have xrays/ultrasounds/bloodwork, have the surgery, and post-op care before you were discharged from the hospital? I was diagnosed with gallstones today. I’m in decent enough shape to consider going to China for the same procedure you had. I’m just a bit skeptical because this sounds so easy… I’m terrified I’ll wake up only to find my organs have been harvested for the black market. I did find a plethora of articles about the new method being used to clean out the gallbladder, but I’m concerned with language barriers, hospital cleanliness, post-op care, and so forth. I await your reply. Best Regards, CJ

    • admin:

      I did ultra sound scan after 3 months from operation. I hope they are not stones, but a sludge forming, not sure if hard stones can form that quickly… I hope…
      There is no pain to what I had before operation, this is like day and night difference. Usually when I ate fatty food pain and discomfort would be 7 out of 10, lasting for up to a full day, and now I eat and there is no pain as such, but very light discomfort, I can feel my gallbladder does something, I would scale it on discomfort scale as 0.3 out of 10, and it goes away very quickly ~15 minutes.
      We did operation in hurry, because of bad timing, Dr. Tie Qiao had to move to north China after 2 days. So on Sunday we arrived to hospital, quickly did all scans and tests, took about 2 hours running around hospital complex. Then on Monday morning I was wheeled into the very very cold operation room and that was it. On Saturday I was clear to go.
      My gallbladder is with me, not yet sold on black market.
      Doctors and staff they are all PROs, hospital is huge, dedicated to gallbladder and that area.
      Don’t worry, I took the risk so you don’t have to 😉

  • Shana:

    Hi Eugene,

    First off, thank you very much for making this website! I am a 25 year old female from the US and have gallstones. I am very conflicted about getting my gallbladder removed because I believe that it is in fact an important organ, and not something doctors should be so nonchalant about removing. I understand that it is the definitive treatment these days because there is always a chance of recurrence, but I think removing the stones first is a better option.

    I am just wondering though, does this doctor have any statistics of the chance of recurrence? I know you are starting to get a few small stones back, what do you plan on doing about that?

    What was your recovery like, and how long we’re you hospitalized? How long did the procedure take?

    I am very interested in doing this surgery and if you could give me any other information that you haven’t already touched on, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you again for taking the risk to do the surgery and documenting it so well on this site!

    • admin:

      Ask Dr. Wang for statistics, they did hundreds of operations.
      I am taking Urso acid pills and drink Epsom salts once a week.
      Recovery was heavy, first 3 days were horrible, I could not move my body nor use abdomen muscles in any way whatsoever.
      I laid out all info I’ve got on this blog =)
      I recommend this operation, because you can always remove your gallbladder later

      • Shana:

        Hi Eugene,

        Thank you for replying so fast! I spoke Dr. Wang over the phone today, he told me to email him my ultrasound results, and my blood work to see if I am a good candidate for this procedure.

        How is your digestion now? I assume there’s a huge difference right? How soon after you had the surgery done did you notice a difference in your digestion? I read somewhere that you could actually feel the stitches in your gallbladder, is that for real?! I totally agree with you on removing the stones first and then resorting to removing the entire thing later, if need be.

        • admin:

          Digestion is good now, I can eat everything I want without pain.
          You will feel something for sure in abdomen area for quite some time.

          • Shana:

            That’s great to hear! Can you contact me through email when you have a chance, so I can communicate with you that way? I am seriously considering this surgery and I have some other general questions about the facility and things that I want to ask you. So whenever you’re not busy, if you could just send me a quick email, that would be awesome!

          • admin:

            ask me any question here :)

          • Natalia:

            Good afternoon, Eugene. I write to you from Russia. I too have stones in a gall bladder, for this reason occurs заброс bile in a stomach and an inflammation of a duodenal gut. Now I stones are dissolved by Usrsofalk but if doesn’t help I want to perform operation on removal of stones with preservation of a gall bladder. Write please – what complications after operation? Whether surely there will be stones after operation? How the section affects a stomach at its work after operation? Thank you very much for the answer.

          • Natalia:

            Eugene, write please how many makes the recovery period after operation? Why you then so quickly had stones? Whether it is possible to prevent their emergence if to drink preparations which increase outflow of bile and to observe the correct diet? I thank you for the answer.

          • admin:

            I hope these are not stones, but pre-stones / sludge from which stones will form in the future.
            I drink urso acid and epsom salts, hope they will help me

  • admin:

    no serious complications after surgery, just a post op pain in abdomen area, try to not get ill before, during and after operation, don’t sneeze, don’t cough, don’t laugh :) painful it was for me :) Prepare yourself for operation: boost immune system by vitamin C and stuff, get some flu shots and vaccines etc.
    Stones may come back if you are not lucky, but it will take years to form, meantime doctors will invent new technologies to remove gallstones or fix liver and gallbladder’s workings.

  • Kelly:

    Sounds great! One question arised though… Is it safe to be operated in China? I mean the hygiene and other things when in a strange bacterial environment etc.? I know nothing about that country :)

    – Kelly

    • admin:

      It is a good clean hospital, but since it is a new country for immune system, you’d better take all vaccines and shots possible before your trip.

  • Kelly:

    Thank you for answering… You don’t think it is possible to skip the hotel in Hong Kong? Are those hotel nights expensive? How long does it take to travel from HK to Panyu? How much did you pay for the ferry? How far is the ferry from HK airport?


    • Irina:

      Hi Kelly,
      There’s a direct flight from Dubai to Guangzhou & then it takes about 1 hour to get to Panyu – if you want to avoid HK altogether. I went for my surgery in Jan this year and couldn’t be happier! I eat anything and only feel slightest discomfort if I over eat or if it’s a high fat meal ( which I try to avoid now).

      • Erik:

        Hi Irina,

        Have you done a new ultrasound after chinese surgery to check if stones are coming back?


  • admin:

    It is possible to skip hotel in HK if you come early morning and then go straight to the ferries.
    We were horrified by HK :) We had a “hotel” in a busy high street, paid ~80 GBP for a jail cell with cucarachas :) And surroundings were also terrifying… HK has some serious problems with free space.
    From HK ferry port to Panyu ferry port it take and hour or so and it is cheap ~30 GBP for both of us if I am not mistaken.

    Suggested routes
    52 mins

    9:56pm – 10:48pm
    1 hour 22 mins
    10:09pm – 11:30pm
    1 hour 37 mins
    10:12pm – 11:48pm,114.049072&spn=0.172454,0.308647&sll=22.310061,114.047356&sspn=0.172469,0.308647&geocode=FaKBVAEdD4LKBiEGNW3v28Df-CmfR5pw3OIDNDEGNW3v28Df-A%3BFZMQVAEddPTNBiF_rE_VMFy4lynPF1MaYgAENDF_rE_VMFy4lw&t=h&dirflg=r&ttype=now&noexp=0&noal=0&sort=def&mra=ltm&z=12&start=0

    Destination Duration Departure
    Point Time Class Adult Child
    (1–4yrs) Time Class Adult Child
    (1–4 yrs)
    Panyu 番禺
    (Nansha 南沙)
    1 hour
    15 minutes




  • Kelly:

    Thank you! One more question come in to mind.. Do you need a visa when travelling there?

  • Kelly:

    Ooo.. I’m sorry! Now I notice that you have already mentioned the visa :) Lots of things to take in to account!

  • Kelly:

    Some more questions:

    – Do they have WLAN in that hospital?
    – Did you get any permanent medication or just a few days?
    – How soon did you get operated after getting to the hospital?
    – Did you find it difficult to navigate in China?
    – How did your friend spend time in that hospital.. did she get bored :) ?
    – What kind of location is it? Is there any reastaurants, hotels, shops etc. near by the hospital?
    – How did you arrange your eting there?

    Thank you so much if able to give some comments :) !!

    • admin:

      – Do they have WLAN in that hospital?
      YES, but connection to outside China will be sluggish
      – Did you get any permanent medication or just a few days?
      Eating mint candies and Epsom salts for two weeks
      – How soon did you get operated after getting to the hospital?
      Next day
      – Did you find it difficult to navigate in China?
      Phone GPS was not working, probably different GPS system, hard to navigate without guide
      – How did your friend spend time in that hospital.. did she get bored ?
      Not bored
      – What kind of location is it? Is there any restaurants, hotels, shops etc. near by the hospital?
      Lots of shops and restaurants on main street nearby.
      – How did you arrange your eating there?
      Dr. Wang helped us to get to a restaurant near river, but it was a bit far away from hospital, we took hospital minivan to get there

  • Erik:


    Can someone please remove this post I made on the 2nd of February:
    February 2, 2013 at 11:06

    I am sorry I write too much personal information about my health, I don´t want it public.


  • nav:

    Hi, You mentioned in your reply “GB is still functional but it is not contracting 100%.”,

    1. How you can tell its not contracting 100%.

    2. What are the difficulties you facing for this.

    3. if its not 100% then how much you will rate its contraction.

    4. is the contraction getting better or its still same.

    Please Advise. Thanks

  • Tom:

    I am having trouble distinguishing the two hospitals from the links on this website. On google maps I get Second People’s Hospital of Nanhai (南海区第二人民医院) on Xiadong road (夏东路). But on baidu I get Second People’s Hospital of Panyu (番禺第二人民医院) on Xingye road (兴业路) near Dagang park (大岗公园), but it’s not listed on google maps. Eugene, at which hospital did you have this operation?

    • admin:

      You won’t find this hospital on your own, just make sure hospital representatives pick you up from ferry port or some other well known location.

      • Tom:

        Thanks but I know how to read maps. I have never got lost.

        • admin:

          Also I don’t know if it was my smart phone or me or what, I could not get GPS signal in China.
          Are they blocking GPS signals there or having different GPS standards?
          Also could not find China maps for IGO or Copilot or Sygic

          • Vladimir:

            Hello. I am from Russia. I saw Your film above. I understood you correctly? Do You speak Russian?

          • admin:

            Yes, I do

          • Vladimir:

            Хотел бы узнать, я вот смотрел Ваше узи от февраля 13 года, у Вас образовались опять камни 3-4 милиметра, как Вы собираетесь их удолять? Можно попробовать желчегонными средствами (всетаки камне небольшие), но вот только как шов отреагирует, в связи с этим И второй вопросс через сколько времени рубец на желчном пузыре полностью заростает?

          • admin:

            Рубец не заростает у меня так и остался.
            Стал чуть менее заметным.
            Как удалять пока не знаю.
            Пью урсо кислоту.
            Пил Epsom Salts, шов норм.

          • Vladimir:

            Я имею ввиду разрез на желчном пузыре, не снаружи. Что говорят врачи сам разрез на желчном пузыре заростает? И за какое время если да?

          • admin:

            не знаю даже. Доктор Ванг сказал пить epsom salts Magnesium sulfate значит шов будет ок.
            Пил Magnesium sulfate всё норм со внутренним швом, если он там вообще есть или остался.
            Спросите у доктора Ванга детали технические

          • Vladimir:

            Большое спасибо за Ваш ответ и за блог, очень признателен.

          • admin:

            У Вас тоже камни? Расскажите свою историю =)

          • Vladimir:

            Дайте мне пожайлусто адрес Вашей электронной почты. I want privacy.

          • Vladimir:

            Я хочу написать все на вашу электронную почту.

  • Thirupathi:

    Single mobile gallstone 9mm has been detected in my Gall bladder ,I don’t have any symptoms at all and I am normal,but I want to get rid of the stone ,How can contact this Doctor for his advise.

  • Kelly:

    Hi Eric, You recommend that someone shoud pic you up from a well known spot when arriving to Panyu. I think they might not do that anymore, do they?

    Then some questions..
    Why have you been visiting doctors so often after this operation.. do you have pain?
    You say you want an ultrascan… is it necessary, can the stones be back so soon?
    How have you been feeling in general?
    Why do the doctors still want to cut your gb out after this operation?

    It’s very nice to hear the latest news of your story.. so thank you for updating :)

  • crystal:

    Best wishes for all my foreig friends !Hope all of you feel good after the operation.I will miss all of you,remind the time we spend together.

  • Rita:

    Hi Eugene,

    Lots of good information.. I live in Northern USA and was wondering if you know of any medical doctors visiting China to learn this procedure. I emailed one of the doctors but have not heard anything yet.. Thanks so much and good luck to you.

    • admin:

      Have no idea, ask Dr. Wang

    • Natalia:

      Hello, Evgeny. Long ago I didn’t write to you. Whether how are you? Rasvoryaetsya a bile deposit in a gall bladder? Here already as five months I рассворяю stones in a gall bladder a preparation Ursofalk. By results of ultrasonography they practically don’t disappear.
      The doctor says that it is necessary to do planned operation on removal of a gall bladder. When I told to the doctor about the Chinese clinic which is carrying out operations on removal of stones with preservation of body, she answered that this operation contradicts all medical canons.
      And even if stones will disappear, will appear again and all the same it is necessary to delete a gall bladder.
      Evgeny how you think why there is no response of the person already removed stones from a gall bladder? ? ? Why people don’t leave reviews of operation and further rehabilitation? About it write only you.
      Evgeny, write please as at operation get to a gall bladder if you know? (Through a stomach or not)? It is very important. Whether you speak in Russian?
      There is a strong wish to get rid of stones, but I so am afraid to go to others country, with foreign language. And so there isn’t enough information on the operation. I thank for the answer.

      • Wang Gang:

        The Ursofalk can be useful only to cholesterol stones. And only a few patients with cholesterol stones can be cured by take Ursofalk. Now we don’t know the composition of your stones. If it is not cholesterol stones, Ursofalk is not useful.
        Not every patient after remove gallbladder stones without gallbladder excision will have gallbladder stone again. According to our follow up, the rate of relapse is about 10%.

        My email:

        • admin:

          What type of stone is mine?
          Is it calcified stone?

          • Олег:

            Привет Евгений,чтобы узнать кальцинированные камни или нет надо сделать компьютерную томографию желчного пузыря,если камни будут видны,то значит они кальценированные и ещё определяется плотность этих камней по шкале Хаунсфилда,если больше 100,то это проблема.причём даже в побочных эффектах урсофалька написанно,что камни могут кальценироваться(((
            У меня в ноябре 2012 нашли сладж и 3 камня до 9 мм без акустической тени,до этого было 2 полипа ,я пил урофальк 3 месяца после этого размер камней тот же ,но появилась акустическая тень,я решил сделать компьютерную томографию там показало,что три камня до 7 мм калценированные плотностью 185 HU по Хаунсфильду,я в панику конечно)нашёл в интернете сбор травяной литолизин,пил его с апреля 2013 сделал КТ в декабре 2014 три камня до 5мм плотностью 155 HU,но на узи 2 камня до 5мм и сладж,получается КТ информативней чем узи(.Вроде как бы динамика есть,но у меня такое ощущение что страдает поджелудочная и вечный метеоризм достал,потому что болей в правом подреберье почти нет,но болит под ложечкой и в левом подреберье ,правда после н.г. не пил литолизин и в феврале схватил приступ желчной колики(,и еще тяжести нельзя поднимать,наклоняться нельзя,прыгать нельзя,спортом заниматься получается тоже,мелкие камни могут застрять в протоке(,поэтому подумываю ехать в китай,расскажи на сколько дней переводчик вытягивать лучше,я так думаю первые дня 2-3 и в концовочке 1 день и сколько примерно это стоит,спасибо.

    • Wang Gang:

      Hello Rita, There is still no an American doctor to learn this procedure. Because this operation is still a controversial topic, it need time to be accepting by most of the doctors.
      My email

    • Sheila Vives:

      Hi Rita,

      I am also looking for a doctor in the US that has trained on this technique. Have you found any ? I am not having any luck in Google Search. Please write me at : and put “Gallbladder Surgery” in subject line. Thank you

  • Natalia:

    Still wanted to ask – whether your deposit in a gall bladder disappears?

  • Edmund:

    Hello Eugene,

    I too think your website is great and a terrific service to many who want this operation and would otherwise never learn about it.

    My doctor also says why when the stones will just come back. My feeling is they took so long to form that I will worry about it then if I live that long.

    I am curious about one thing Dr. Wang said in writing to your website. He said that they “grasped the gallbladder with forceps and extracted it outside of the abdominal wall” before making the incision to remove the stones. Do you know if he is saying the gallbladder is extracted outside the body? If so since the gallbladder is attached to the liver they must have to cut it loose from the liver. Maybe you don’t know, but if that is done, I was wondering what happens when they put it back in place? Do they re-attach it or does it just move around inside the body cavity?

    I know I join many people in thanking you for your insight to put your experience on the web and providing everyone with a forum.

    • admin:

      Take a look at this video
      I think they cut through skin and gallbladder and pull out the gallstone that’s all I know.
      Ask for more technicalities from Dr. Wang.

      • Vladimir:

        Hello. I have 8 gallstones. Size from 10 to 18 mm. They are movable. Ultrasound showed:

        Size of gallbladder is 10.2*4.4 cm.

        The thickness of the gallbladder wall is 4mm.

        The gall bladder is filled to 30%.

        The size of the right lobe of the liver is 11.1 cm.

        The size of the left lobe of the liver is 6.2 cm.

        Tell me please. What are the chances? How much time I need to recover after procedure, in order to continue to work?
        Thank You.

    • Wang Gang:

      When we do the operation, we pull the bottom of the gallbladder out of the abdominal wall. It needs not to cut it loose from the liver. In most of the people the bottom of the gallbladder is not adhere to the liver. After remove stones, we stitch the wound of the gallbladder and put it back to the abdomen. It will recover as usual.
      My email

      • Edmund:

        I notice that Eugene was in a great deal of pain for a day, and didn’t leave the hospital I think for four days after the procedure. Usually when the gallbladder is removed here the patient can go home the same or next day. Also with morphine there usually isn’t any pain. Is there a reason for the longer recovery time? Do you administer morphine? Do you have a constant intravenous feed of antibiotics in case of infection?

      • Natalia:

        Good evening, Eugene. You made ultrasound of a gall bladder, what it showed? You had stones?

      • Vladimir:

        How much time you usually need to recover after procedure?

  • Max:

    Hi, Eugene!
    I am from Ukraine and have the same problem with stones.
    You’ve previously mentioned that you felt discomfort after gallstones removal. It mean that even after removing of a galstone you felt the pain? Or what it was? It’s because of new comming stones or a result of operation? Do you feel the discomfort every time? How fast did stones appear again?

    • admin:

      I felt dizzy, for a couple of days, some heavy anaesthesia it was …
      Also I forgot how to pee for 2 days and it was quite frustrating and interesting :)

  • Wang Gang:

    The wound in the right upper abdomen cut off some muscle fibers. It is under the rib, and when you move, cough or bend over, you will fell pain. The pain will disappear after 2~3 days.
    Some one have inflammation in the gallbladder, we will use antibiotics after the operation according to the degree of inflammation.
    The patient can eat liquid food the next day after operation. And will recover normal diet after 3 days.

  • slater:


    Did you get results of Ultrasound from Latvia? Thanks.

  • Natalia:

    Hello, Eugene. How your results of Ultrasound? ? ? Whether there are at you stones? ? ? ?

  • Jennifer Adams:

    I posted on this site a few months ago. Please read my earlier posts to get full history. I decided to get my GB removed. It is now 3 months since the operation. Putting the obvious pain aside after the first few days, I noticed very little difference in my digestive system in the first 2-3 weeks, a bit of the runs, but nothing too difficult to cope with. However as the weeks progressed, I would actually go as far as to say it has actually IMPROVED the workings of my digestive track. I’d even asked myself the question, “have they actually removed it”?

    As I hypothesised in earlier post, if your gallbladder isn’t working properly the chances are your body won’t notice too much difference once it is removed. It is NOT a vital organ, it is a USEFUL one to assist the digestive track IF IT IS WORKING PROPERLY. Otherwise it is simply dead weight with the potential to cause more serious problems. Getting rid of the stones is likely only a temporary fix as the chemical imbalance in your GB will simply cause new stones to form again. Gall stones are a complication/consequence of gall bladder disease.

    In my research, 60-70% of people who have op have no problems post-op, 30% have some mild issues and an unfortunate 5-10% have issues that require adjustments. Some say a lot of that can be down to the skill and experience of the surgeon. Ideally they should have carried out the op at least 30 times – don’t be afraid to ask your surgeon about their experience. When I asked mine, he laughed and said he had done it more than 1000 times and regularly carried it out at least twice per week. I know I am likely one of the lucky ones and thank god for that.

    Making the decision to have your GB removed is a big one, especially since you can’t go back on it. Getting the china treatment still leaves you the option, so it’s understandable why it’s so attractive. However you must accept that you maybe delaying the inevitable and none of us are getting any younger.

    Eugene has helped a lot of people, especially MYSELF on this forum with his honesty, I just feel I owe it to him and to everyone to do the same.

    Sorry if this hurts some people.

    • admin:

      Well, I did my best I could. And if gallstones keep growing that fast and pain returns I’d have to remove my gallbladder for good…

      • Alexey:

        Hi Eugene,
        Thanks a lot for information and your experience.
        Thanks a lot to doctors who developed/updated tools and made surgery!

        Could you please try dandelion flowers to decrease growth speed of gallstones?… This is original site that I recently found, but you can translate it to English with the help of googlechrome web-browser or with the help of ( ?
        My mother has gallstones also and we are going to do surgery as you did.

        Now the question is how to decrease growth speed of gallstones?

        Best regards,

  • Aydin:

    There are gallstones in my gallbladder.My doctor said,we would take your gallbladder.I want to try alternative medicine.What can I do?

  • rose:

    Hi Eugene,

    Any updates?

  • Erik:


    I would like to say thank you to the hospital staff.
    Unfortunately I could not do the surgery when i was there because i developed jaundice on my chinese vacation due to gallstones getting stuck in the common bile duct for some time.
    So i went to this hospital because i already know about it.

    I regret that i did not plan to do the surgery earlier.
    I could have done it when i was still healthy.
    But a big thanks to the hospital staff for treating my acute symptoms because back home the liver blood test was normal again.

    Yesterday morning i felt a minor constant pain similar to what i felt in china and 3 times before since january.
    So now i am in hospital and ultrasound show gallbladder inflammation with thickened walls and a couple of 0.5mm stones.

    The surgeon recommends removal of gallbladder if my liver values does not improve.
    I think they will improve because when i came to hospital als and alt was 4 times more than normal and now after 24 hours with no food it is only 2 times higher than normal. Bilirubin values also higher than normal.
    Hopefully to tomorrow the values are ok again.

    I dont know if the walls of gallbladder will be normal again when the inflammation is gone, but i hope so.
    Because i want to try this surgery in panyu hospital as soon as i feel ok.

    Yesterday early morning one month after i feel a minor ache for several hours and it seems like i have gallbladder inflammation again, but no jaundice.
    The surgeon here says she recommends surgery if blood tests is not better tomorrow.

    I told her about the chinese surgery but she could not se any benefit from doing it.

  • Jon:

    Hi Eugene,

    I am about to pay for my flight to china to have the operation you had. I just read your update about your stones returning so soon and wonder if i should still go.

    Did have any contact with the doctors in China so they could explain why they came back so soon? I thought only 10% came back after the operation and if they do they come back slowly?

    I would be greatful for a reply i am about to pay for the flights in the next 24 hours.

    Thank you

    • admin:

      Definitely go to China and try this operation.
      Most of the time I feel great even though my stones are growing back.
      Maybe you will get more lucky than I am.
      Doctors are puzzled as well.

      • Sheila Vives:

        I think perhaps your stones would not have come back so soon if you had changed your diet. The food we eat in the US and UK not so healthy. Remove fats/oils from your diet as well as sugars, and food containing dyes, preservatives and fillers. If it is not fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and only lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish) then don’t eat it. No dairy either. If you eat eggs, eat only the whites and not the yellow as there is a protein that is harder for the liver in the yolk. My step-father died from liver cirrhosis last year, and I am having some similar symptoms. I have a 2.5 cm gallstone in my gallbladder. I have terrible edema, and biliary colic type symptoms when I eat certain things. I feel great when I eat only celery :) I am not a good candidate for gallbladder removal as I have food allergies and I understand it can be fatal if I have the gallbladder removed. Also, I know that if you have liver disease it can be fatal to have the gallbladder removed also. I think it is great to try just removing the gallstones and give the body time to try and heal itself and only remove the gallbladder if problems persist or future problems occur. But not all symptoms are because of the gallbladder so if you have it removed, you may still have other symptoms and pain. There are many possibilities and a doctor needs to make sure there is not a problem in other parts of the digestive system or the lymphatic system. (you have a large lymph node in your gallbladder). Also there appears to be a correlation between heart problems and gallbladder problems, so might want to consider whether think you may have heart symptoms too. I would be conservative and address the simplest issues in the safest ways first, and with the safest tests. Some testing is redundant and yields no better information than less involved tests.

    • Erik:

      I have been searching the Internet for information and it is difficult to find statistics for problems when removing the entire gallbladder.

      Anyone that have some reliable source of information on this?

      Most doctors here don´t want to talk about complications from removing gallbladder so it is difficult to find answers.

      Maybe they think the problems are not so serious without gallbladder and only very few have problems without it?

  • Erik:

    It looks like I am going back to China, hopefully this time I will be able to do the surgery if my gallbladder is still good enough.

    Ultrasound show I still have multiple stones ~ 5mm (difficult to say).

    I think I develop stones because I go up and down in weight very much for short time the last 5 years.

    Now I am thin so I am thinking if I remove the stones they will hopefully not come back again if I try to keep my weight stable and eat healthy.

    This is just my thoughts…

  • Erik:

    Well it seems now like my gallbladder walls are very thick so I can not have surgery now.
    I dont know why walls are thick, if they got thick because of the sudden pain i got last weekend maybe?
    In china only 5 weeks ago the walls of my gallbladder were not this thick.
    I got advice to be careful of my diet, but it can take a long time for walls to get thin again.
    I am worried what will happen if I wait many weeks without removing stones.
    I will ask doctor at home for a new ultrasound in beginning of august.
    If next ultrasound show walls are not getting better then I will probably remove my gallbladder here at home.

    • Erik:

      Today I booked a time for new ultrasound at home and also book time to talk to a doctor to plan a surgery.

      I still have not decided if I should remvoe it completely or try the chinese surgery.

      This doctor here at home I meet today he say like all doctors here that serious complications from living without gallblader are very very unusual.
      He say everyone can live without it if we don’t eat too much fat food at the same time, then you will have to run to the toilet and feel a little bad in the stomach for a while.

      Something I wonder about is if doing the chinese surgery and stones come back again, how soon can I do a new surgery to copmletely remove the gallbladder?

      If I need a second surgery to remove the entire gallbladder can that one be done also with laparoscopic surgery even if have I already have scars from a previous laparoscopic surgery?

      • Wang Gang:

        Our operation of gallbladder-preserving cholelithotomy/polypectomy using biliary tract endoscope will not affect the second time operation. No matter gallbladder-preserving operation or laparoscopic surgery.
        This operation only has small incision at the bottom of the gallbladder. It is far away from the Calot’s triangle. So it is safe and will never harm to the common bile duct, portal vein, or hepatic artery. After the operation, there will be seldom occur adhesion around the gallbladder.
        My email:

        • Erik:

          Ok thanks!
          Do you think that the big hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai will do this surgery in the future?
          Have they shown interest in this method?

  • Dr.Wang Xiaofeng:

    Hi !I am Dr. Wang Xiaofeng.
    There are some important theses you can refer to

    • Erik:


      Thanks for your answer.
      I would like to know why this surgery is still a controversioal topic in other China hospitals and western countries?
      Have other foreigners had this surgery at your hospital, did they grow back stones after some time?

      Best Regards

  • Anna:

    Hi, I’m from Norway, but I haven’t gall bladder :-(
    I would like to ask if it is possible to reconstruct the organ?
    thank u for ansver.

    • admin:

      in the future certainly it would be possible to grow any organ from stem cells

      • Anna:

        I read about this technology, but it is still science fiction.
        And how u think when this can be possible? after 5, 10 or 20 years?

  • Anna:

    doing in China tissue stem cells? I heard they doing the gallbladder from the small intestine but where? Thanku u for ansver.

  • Ritzi:

    Its sad that only Eugene is updating his results on the website, could someone else who has undergone the surgery also let us know how they are progressing? It would be a great help for others out here.

  • Dr.Wang Xiaofeng:

    There are many large comprehensive hospitals developing our surgery to keep people’ gallbladder now. We have held the 4 th national conference from 2006. And we have patients from USA, Britain, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, Panama, Ukraine, Russia.Gallstone recurrence rate is 3%-10%. Urinary tract calculi recurrence is a lot higher than that. Does the recurrence rate really so important?

  • Erik:


    If my gallbladder is suitable for surgery I will for sure write to let u guys now how things progress.
    Maybe most foreigners that has done this surgery dont know about this website.


  • Sarah:

    I am a 38 year old Australian who has been living in Europe for the last 10 years and had the gallstone removal surgery in Guangzhou, China on 29 July this year under the watchful eye of Dr Wang Gang and his colleagues. The care was exceptional, the team of doctors, nurses and support stuff were professional, caring and efficient. I was also lucky to have an interpreter, Hazel, without whom I would have been lost. I now (three weeks later) feel much better and am glad I took the steps to have the surgery and keep my gallbladder. I have to thank Eugene for his hard work finding out about the surgery, having the surgery and then sharing it with the rest of us in such great detail! I would never have known about it without Eugene and this website. Everything is pretty much as Eugene reports, but I thought I would add a short diary of my own experience in case others are considering travelling for the surgery. I am also very happy to talk to anyone who is going, or just considering going, after they talk to Dr Wang Gang – he has my contact details and I have told him I am happy for him to pass them on.

    I started having gallstone attacks in May 2013 – with 2 in particular that were quite severe for about 6-8 hours and then followed by up to a day of vomiting bile (both times after eating cheese). I had another attack in June 2013 and was in pain constantly following the attacks; nothing like the pain of an attack but I was uncomfortable all the time and sometimes couldn’t sleep.

    My pre surgery advice and decision making
    After the second attack I saw a doctor and had a scan which confirmed gallstones, one as large a 2.4cm. My low fat diet started!!! I started researching and found lots of people were reporting issues following removal surgery. This is also when I found this website and became aware of the option to remove just the stones. I started emailing and calling Dr Wang who answered every question I had very thoroughly. I saw a surgeon in Europe who said that the only option was to remove the Gallbladder and she said there were no side effects. This did not match what I had heard from others, or read on the internet.
    I spoke to a friend who had recently had his removed after months of misdiagnosis and he said he wished he still had his due to pain and difficulty with bowel movements.
    One night I was in pain, although not suffering from a full attack, and was concerned about infection so I went to the Emergency department of a London hospital. I was ok but the doctor said he was concerned as the constant pain was unusual and was keen for me to have the surgery in the next 4-6 weeks. I had a date booked in a local hospital for removal of my gallbladder but after more research and finding this link As we discussed ensure you are happy & confident with the facilities and clinic surroundings. by the National Health Service in the UK which had statistics on the risks of removing it, with the support of my family I cancelled the surgery and booked tickets to China and told Dr Wang to expect me. (I asked him about their results for the surgery and they compared favourably to the NHS – in the 3000 operations to date
    • no damage to blood vessels, bleeding, hemorrhage or the Surrounding Tissue, Organs.
    • No Postoperative bile leakage and needing second surgery.
    • 8. 10 % Recurrence of gallstone or polyps. (Now according to our statistics based on 3000 operations )

    A few days before flying I rang the interpreter whose details were on this blog. She lives quite far from the hospital and gave me the number for Hazel who was interpreting for a western man who was having the surgery the week before me. As well as reassuring me on the phone and sending me photos of the room I would be in, I was able to talk to the man who had just have the operation and his wife. I think I spoke to them three days after his operation and they were very kind reassuring me about the care, that he was up an around and recommending Hazel (I was so glad they did).
    So we were off. We flew into Guangzhou Airport and had booked a car to pick us up. The transfer to the hotel took about 1 hour 30 minutes and cost around £35.

    Day One Sunday – Tests
    I had previously sent Dr Wang some blood test and ECG results that I had had done in Europe, as well as the ultrasound pictures so he could tell if I was likely to be able to have the surgery. I am in my late 30’s and in good health but at times have eaten quite a high fat diet and could probably drop a stone.
    Like Eugene, the first morning was spent going to different parts of the hospital with Hazel and Dr Wang Gang getting blood tests, weight, ECG, ultrasound, a lung capacity test and had my belly button cleaned (they do this in surgery again).
    I immediately liked both Dr Wang and Hazel and felt at ease and was able to ask questions in English. The Hospital is not unlike some hospitals in the west – functional, but not fancy. You get the best room in the hospital which is private and spacious with air-conditioning ( which I had on constantly) . There is a spare bed where a family member can stay. In my case, as my 2 year old and husband were staying at a local hotel which was a bit more child friendly, Hazel stayed in the room with me. The room also had a large sofa and chair for when you are feeling a bit better after surgery, a huge TV and free wifi. There is an area for preparing simple meals (but you won’t be eating much anyway) and there is a basic bathroom with western toilet and shower. Both inside and outside the hospital there are large photos and explanations of the Gallstone surgery and one even features Eugene. The bamboo in a vase that is in some o Eugene’s photos is now on the reception desk for the ward. There are about 30 other patients on the ward for gallstone surgery some in private and some in shared rooms from 3-6 people. They operate every morning except Sunday.
    After the tests and checking out the room, Hazel and I went to the supermarket across the road from the hospital to buy supplies for the week. The shopping list was soap, toilet paper, instant oatmeal (which you will most likely eat quite a lot after the surgery), bottled water and any other drinks you would like and fruit, I also bought a bath mat and had already bought my own towel. Thanks to the previous patient, the room already had bowls, mugs , a fridge and kettle which I also left behind for whoever goes next. The hospital does have a canteen but I was told it was not very nice for Westerners. There are also local restaurants from which food could be brought in, but I stuck to a very plain diet of mostly oatmeal/porridge, with my husband bringing a few simple rice dishes from the hotel a few days after the operation.
    Dr Wang said all my results were good and surgery would be the next day at 8am; Dr Qiao, the head of the hospital, chief surgeon and inventor of the gallstone removal methodology and tools would do my operation. ( He would also do yours if you’re flying in to China for the operation.)
    Hazel went home (a couple of train rides across Guangzhou) and I spent the afternoon at the hotel, ate in their restaurant (we rang Hazel to help with ordering) and stayed there the night. I stopped eating and drinking by 9pm the night before the operation.

    Day 2, Monday – Operation
    6am Up early and in a local taxi to go to the hospital about 5 minute drive away. Nervous.
    I went to my room and unpacked a bit. I was given some stripy green pyjamas to put on. A few nurses visited and Hazel arrived at about 7:30am. She was reassuring and told me what would be happening. The doctors came to get me and I was wheeled to surgery. Hazel held my hand all the way there ( I didn’t want my son to be concerned so he and my husband stayed at the hotel). Once in the operating room I sat up a bit to look around – there were about 10 doctors in gowns and a few nurses. It was very clean and well equipped. A few preparations were made, Dr Wang Gang reassured me as I was still nervous and then I was put under.
    They film the operation and you are given a copy on CD. There is also a room where family can watch it live if they want to. I am not sure I will every watch it but it is good to have if you need to show a doctor at home. Also it made me feel confident that they are confident, you wouldn’t find any doctors doing this where I am from!
    The next I remember was being wheeled back into my room with Hazel saying everything went well. I had woken up in the recovery room, but don’t remember that. I was quite confused and had a lot of monitors, drips etc which I wasn’t pleased about, but this is normal. I called my husband. I slept a bit but was in a lot of pain like Eugene. It was explained to me that the operation went well but was quite long and difficult. My large stone was embedded in the opening of the gallbladder and was difficult to remove, they had to break it up and remove the pieces. I now have them and about 10 other 0.5-1.0cm stones in a jar. They said the big stone had caused an inflammation that they were treating. Also, as my bile had not been able to flow for some time due to the position of the large stone, there had been a build up of pressure and the bile itself was dirty. The operation took 2.45 hours instead of the usual 1.5 hours.
    I had to ask Hazel to repeat things several times during the day as I was groggy. She sent me several emails over the first 24 hours noting what was going on so that I have a record now, as I was so groggy at the time that my memory is unclear. Lying on my back felt like the only option as moving meant engaging my tummy muscles which really hurt. Later in the day the monitors were removed and I had to go to the toilet. Getting there was a painful and slow process, Hazel and one of the support staff took my weight and it was like this for the next day and a half. Hazel slept the wrong end of her bed so she could keep an eye on me over night and one of the support staff, called an Ayi (Auntie in Chinese), stayed on the sofa to watch me too. They were both very kind giving me sips of water and helping me adjust myself during the night. I was lucky and didn’t experience any shoulder pain which I understand is usual after they inflate your tummy.
    At midnight I was a bit distressed with the pain and not being able to sleep. The doctors and nurses came and I was given some pain killers and something to help me sleep.

    Day 3 Tuesday
    I hadn’t slept that well overnight and was glad it was morning so I could have a big drink of water and see my family ( I didn’t want our little boy to be frightened). I was still goggy in the morning and needed assistance walking. I could sit up supported in bed and had a drip. Antibiotics and Glucose were going in the day of the operation, and throughout the first night and then just during the day after that. By the afternoon I felt clearer in the head but I have to say moving was quite painful. It was explained to me that younger patients often have more pain because they have stronger stomach muscles.
    Doctors and nurses visited each morning and throughout the day, much more frequently than I have experienced in western hospitals and I was able to ask questions through Hazel and directly to those that spoke English.
    I think today I had one or two small bowls of porridge expertly prepared by Hazel, and a banana (it may have been the next day though).
    That night Hazel rolled me on my side and I slept much better. I still couldn’t move to sitting, roll over or walk on my own.

    Day 4 – Wednesday
    Very proud I could walk slowly on my own. Hazel helped me wash my hair. ( I know I mention her a lot but she was there every step, handled every question, ran errands and knew what was normal and coming next as well as having a good relationship with all the hospital staff.) I ate some rice and green beans (brought from the hotel restaurant) as well as porridge and was able to sit in a chair for short periods. Drips all day. The usual visits from doctors and nurses. By the afternoon when the drip was out I was able to walk the halls a bit.

    Day 5 – Thursday
    Feeling quite well, up and in my own clothes. Visited by Dr Qiao for examination, all the doctors and nurses came too. It was standing room only. Lots of thankyous and photos. I was told I could leave the next day. We organised flights to Shanghai for a short holiday and a car for the airport.
    I haven’t talked about the wound. It is very small and neat and about 3cm long. Instead of stitches they use surgical glue which is stronger and seals the wound from infection. To stop clothes rubbing they put three plasters over the top. This is removed 4 days after surgery and you are allowed a shower. More drips.
    Spent the afternoon walking around the hospital looking at the cabinet of other people’s stones, seeing the fish and having a chat. I could tell what day after the operation other patients were on by the amount of pain and movement they had.
    I was advised to continue a low fat diet and small meals especially for the next 2 weeks. Given some medicine to take away and Hazel went out to get more from the local pharmacy.
    About 7pm I was worried because my tummy above my belly button was a bit puffy. Hazel rang Dr Wang Gang and he came into the hospital especially (from home) much to my embarrassment. He had a look and said it was just due to my bowels learning to work properly again. I forgot to mention you are asked daily about your bowel movement and farting is positively encouraged.

    Day 6 – Friday Bye Bye
    Morning visit from doctor Wang and other surgeons, nurses popped in to say bye and reminded me about my after care, I was also given a folder with some medical records and I took photos of other local records. Went to the cashier to pay (they close at 11am) and it came to £1200. As Eugene wrote you get reams of itemised bills. Into the taxi and waved off by about 5 of the staff and Hazel.
    A short flight and we were in Shanghai. During the week there I continued to improve, laughing and rolling over stopped hurting, and gradually my meals became bigger and more interesting. I had a couple of questions which I called Dr Wang Gang about.
    It has now been 2.5 weeks and I am not in pain. I am careful not to lift heavy things and was reminded I still have some recovery to do when trying to run for a bus but otherwise feel normal and am sleeping well. I haven’t eaten anything high fat but am having nice food and have lost a bit of weight.
    I have had some diarrhoea for about the last 4 days usually in the middle of the day. I am hoping this clears and is just my tummy adjusting as things start to recover and work normally again. If this is not the case I will update you.
    I will post again when I have my follow up ultrasounds at 3 and 6 months to let you know if my stones have returned.
    Good luck with your decision making I know it is a hard choice to make.

    Hazel has studied English for 4 years at university and is now doing a masters in English. With her around you are reassured you can ask question at anytime of anyone. She was recommended to me by the western couple who were at the hospital the week before me. They said she was lovely to have around and extremely helpful and they wouldn’t have been without her. At first I thought I would only need her for the first few days but quickly changed my mind. As well as being lovely to have around, the right mix of serious and fun in the situations she has excellent English both written and verbal, she has been through the operations several times before and is completely flexible and knows all the medical staff. She can either go home every night or as she did for me stayed, she thinks of everything and anticipates your needs without being over the top. In addition she has a high threshold for boredom – I wasn’t much fun the first few day. She organised all the logistics from food to, taxis and helped my son and husband a lot. She really did more than she was asked and charges a very modest rate which doesn’t go up no matter how much she does for you or how long she works which in my case was a lot!!! I can’t recommend her highly enough. Dr Wang Gang has her contact details.

    Local Area
    The hospital is a long way from central Guangzhou, and not that close to the centre of Panyu district in which it is located. The metro line stops in Panyu square, which is still a good 45 minutes in a taxi from the hospital. It’s therefore well worth getting a taxi from the airport (or the ferry terminal), rather than trying to use any sort of public transport. There are not many local hotels that appear on international websites. At Dr Wang’s recommendation, my son and husband stayed at the Dagang Garden Hotel . It was only possible to book the regular rooms in advance on the internet, but on arrival my husband upgraded to one of the suites with hardwood floors which cost something like £50 per night. The hotel has a Chinese restaurant which seems to be one of the best in the area judging from the cars in the carpark, and a popular nightclub. It’s up a hill from the main street where the hospital is – about a 15 minute walk or 5 minutes in the hotel’s minibus which they let us use for £5 per day between 9 and 5. In the streets around the hospital are a few supermarkets who carry a number of Western brands (including some quite obscure Belgian beers). There’s a branch of KFC about a 10 minute walk down the main street (corner of Xingye Road and Huanzhen West Road) , and a couple of good Chinese restaurants 5 minutes further down Xingye Road past the KFC. We were able to withdraw cash from a couple of the ATMs in the main street opposite the hospital, which has branches of a number of China’s main banks. We paid at the hospital and hotel with European Visa cards, but used cash in all of the stores and restaurants.

    • Sarah:

      Chinese-English freelance interpreter
      Guangzhou, China
      +86 18922612029

      +86 18922612029

    • admin:

      Amazing report!
      Loved it, many thanks!
      maybe it is a good idea to buy chinese SIM card and use it in hospital to contact interpreters when needed?
      then they bill you via

    • Wang Gang:

      Thanks for Sarah’s kind words.
      We do hope more and more people and doctors accept the idea of remove gallbladder stones without remove gallbladder. Do not cut off a gallbladder so easy just because of stones or polyps.
      My email

      • Debra Dellacort:

        Hi! I just read about your instrument on the internet MSN with I was so excited as I have just been diagnosed with many Gallstones and a few large ones. I’ve been very sick and don’t feel right having my Gallbladder removed. I cancelled my cholecystectomy appt scheduled for tomorrow and will try to wait for your procedure to make it’s way closer to North America. I live in California. Please keep posted on what countries begin to use this technology. I’m going to try to wait…but am pretty sick.
        Thanks for all you do.

        • valerie:

          Hi Debra I am also in California and found this site and I am encouraged that there is an alternative. I hope it comes here soon.
          Let me know how you get along and if you decide to go to China or have it out.

          I am in the same boat.

    • Erik:

      Hi Sarah,

      Just wondering…
      How are you feeling now?
      Do you have any problems eating fat food or other kinds of food?

      How was your flight back, did you feel any pain on the aeroplane?


    • admin:

      How are you, Sarah?
      Any updates and news?
      Have you managed to get the latest ultrasound scans?
      How are you feeling these days?
      Stones are growing back or not?

  • Hazel:

    Hi there,
    I am Hazel from Guangzhou. Eugene, thank you very mush for this excellent website. More people are coming for the surgery because of you. And thanks Sarah for your detailed experience sharing and all those nice words about me.
    My contact details is shared above by Sarah. Contact me if you want. I am happy to help.

    • Oleg:

      Hi Hazel,tell me you have a friend of a Russian-Chinese translator,or maybe you know some Russian?

      • Hazel:

        hi Oleg,

        I just saw your question. Sorry I don’t speak Russian. But I can help you find one.
        Can you email me details? like when you will come and how many days you need an interpreter?
        my email address:


  • nadia:

    привет а как можно найти рускоговорящего переводчика ?

    • admin:

      mozhet bytt freelancer kakoj estt.
      na ili
      a luche poprositt naiti kitajca kotorij govorit i ponimaet po russki

  • Conrad:

    It is a month since my gallstone operation by Dr. Qiao. I wanted to wait a month to report on this blog so I could not only recover from mind-numbing jetlag, (we live in Houston, Texas) but for everything to settle down after the operation. My name is Conrad and I am the “western man” referred to by Sarah in the above very comprehensive report. Her report is so detailed I don’t know what I could now add to it, except to “second” everything she says. The hospital staff is very professional. Dr. Wang Gang sort of “steers” you through everything and is not only a very competent doctor that can answer all your questions but he is truly a very kind and caring person. Hazel is truly a joy to not only have as an interpreter but to be around and in her company. The hospital is an older one but one thing that stood out for me was when I was wheeled into the operating room. I was very impressed by how new the room and equipment in it looked.
    I experienced very little pain, other than a little gas pain for a day or so after the operation, but nothing like apparently Sarah had. Perhaps because of the length and complications she had in her operation. I had probably 30-40 small stones and one large 2.2 cm stone. For six months prior to the operation I ate a very restricted diet. After following Dr Wang’s instructions to eat small low fat meals for a couple of weeks, I now eat “normally” and am feeling very good.
    I hope the doctors in the United States and the rest of the world will someday “get with it”, get a license from Dr. Qiao, and at least give people the option of his procedure.
    A special thanks to Eugene. Without his blog I probably would not have even heard of Dr. Qiao’s procedure, let alone gone to China for it. I’m happy to respond by email or speak with anyone considering the operation. Dr. Wang or Hazel can give my contact information.

    • Chris Y:

      Hi Conrad,

      Do you do sports? I’m wondering if there’s any complication later when we do vigourous activities like running and soccer or football.

    • Erik:

      Hi Conrad,

      Just wondering…
      How are you feeling now?
      Do you have any problems eating fat food or other kinds of food?

      How was your flight back, did you feel any pain on the aeroplane?


  • Erik:

    Thanks Conrad, very nice of you to share your experience.

    I want to talk about the reasons for getting stones.

    In my case I think the most probable cause for getting stones was rapid weight loss 3 times over the period of about 3 years from 2009-2012 using a very low-fat diet. All these 3 times I lost about 30 kg at a rate of 2kg/week. I always gained this weight again shortly after.

    Now because I know I have stones since January this year, I have also kept a very low-fat diet and lost weight, but I will try to keep thin also after surgery, even if I resume a more normal diet.
    This means that I will really have to exercise more to burn fat from my body in a natural way.

    I have read medical articles about the gallbladder diseases and it says that if you keep eating a very low-fat diet for a long time the bile in the gallbladder will not be replaced, because the gallbladder will not be used so much and therfore it is easier for crystals to form and eventually stones will be created.

    This leads me to the conclusion that after stones are remvoed a normal balanced diet with some fat (but not too much) is the best for your body to avoid new stones from forming, unless of course you have some other disease or genetic reason for stones to form.

    Does anyone agree with me?

    • Kelly:

      I think you are absolutely right Erik. I find it hard to find the balance. Does anyone now what would be the best amount of fat (%) in a “gallbladder friendly diet”?

      • Erik:

        I have no idéa about a certain percentage of fat, but after stones are removed I am thinking that one time a week make sure I eat something that really makes the gallbladder work, so that the stored bile is replaced with new fresh bile. It is just my personal theory. Maybe it is very individual how much fat you can eat in your daily food to avoid stones. Are you also considering doing surgery in China Kelly?

  • sarah:

    Hi Chris – the doctors in China advise you can exercise one month after the operation. It has been about 5-6 weeks after the operation for me and i went running yesterday. I would leave it a bit longer for contact sports but there is no long term impact.

    Hi Erik – the doctors advised me to have one high fat meal per month to renew the bile in the gallbladder but otherwise keep to a low fat diet. Good fats like olive oil nuts seeds are ok but steer clear of butter,cheese,cream etc.

    • Chris Y:

      Hi Sarah,

      I did the operation 1 week ago and I am still in the hotel. I will give my detail feedback and when I get back home. Hazel is great to work with. I also suggest those that did the procedure here in this sute to form a some kind of support group or email group to feedback any problems or general well being in due time.

    • Erik:

      Thanks for your reply. I will travel to China tomorrow. How long did the doctors say you should stay away from food like for example cheese…months, years, rest of your life? It would be nice to be able to eat a pizza or hamburger one time every month without worrying about complications.

  • Sarah:

    Good luck Erik.
    They suggest laying off cheese and really high fat food or three months and then once a month anything goes.
    Glad thinks went well for you Chris. I will ask Hazel to send you my email so we can keep up to date.

  • Erik:


    I had my surgery oon Monday.
    Dr Wang Gang said it went well.
    Now I am recovering.
    I can also confirm the details that Sarah provided about what happens all the days in the hospital.
    I only had some constant pain the first day, but after that only pain when I wanted to get up from bed.
    Now I feel like something is moving inside my stomach when I get up from bed.
    Maybe it is just gas.
    Every day it becomes easier to use my stomach muscles.
    I have to say that I got a littlw sore butt from the hard beds they have in the hospital, other than that I have nothing to complain about.
    All the hospital staff were very nice and professional.

    I will also try to give you an update after 3 months.


  • Julie:

    Thank you for making this procedure availiable.

    I am a 44 yr. old female who have the classic symptoms of gallstones, and confirmed by ultra sound.

    Please have someone contact me ASAP.

    Thank you Julie.

  • We need your ultrasound result.You can send it to me.

  • Erik:

    It has been only two and a half week since surgery now. After the first 5 days I started eating normal but avoiding fat food. It felt good in stomach the second week after surgery. Now the third week after surgery I have this uncomfortable and small pain some time after eating. It only lasts for a few seconds. It comes maybe 1 to 3 times after eating. I also have some gas in stomach. Dr Wang Gang says I should continue to avoid high fat and cholesterol food and instead eat lean meat and not eat too much. He also said I should not care about this small pain just keep taking the chinese medicine they give you for your gallbladder. They say to eat this about one month after surgery.
    Anyone else of you that have done the surgery that have felt the same in stomach as me?
    I just dont know why this small short pain comes…if it is gallbladder, stomach muscles, gas or something else.
    There are no other complications now.



    Announcement: Dr.Tie Qiao has resigned as director of The Sixth People’s Hospital of Nansha District (previously named ‘The Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District) and has been formally appointed as director of The People’s Hospital of Dashi (renamed as ‘The Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District). Tel: 020-84782303; Address: No.88, Gangdong Road, Dashi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 511430; E-mail:

  • Dr. Tie Qiao:

    Hi Eugene,
    I’m Dr. Tie Qiao.


    Announcement: I have resigned as director of The Sixth People’s Hospital of Nansha District (previously named ‘The Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District) and has been formally appointed as director of The People’s Hospital of Dashi (renamed as ‘The Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District). Tel: 020-84782303; Address: No.88, Gangdong Road, Dashi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 511430; E-mail:
    If someone from your website need my operation,contact me by Thank you!

  • Irina:

    Hi everyone!
    It’s been a while since I have visited the website – a sign that everything is going well!
    It’s been 9,5 months since I had my operation in Panyu – and I feel great! First 2-3 months I had several occasions of what Eric describes as small pain, especially after a eating something slightly fatty, now even this is gone.

    I keep a normal diet, I don’t eat junk food or high fat food, although I eat some cheese now and then, I have even had pork and was fine – zero discomfort. 4 months after surgery I have started exercising and sports, and I feel great. I have a colleague of mine, who went for a removal of a gallbladder about the same time I went to China, and let me tell you – he had to adjust his diet and even now, he has some issues with digestion.

    I couldn’t be happier that I have made this decision, so a huge THANK YOU! to Dr. Qiao for inventing this genius operation, to Dr. Wang who was an incredible help during all our stay, to our great friend Crystal and of course to Eugene, who was brave enough to pave the way to all of us and shared this information with the world!


    • admin:

      Excellent news, but tell me please are your stones growing back?
      When was the last time you did ultrasound?
      Because I have my stone back, but for much less discomfort as it was used to be before operation.
      It means my gallbladder is really not functioning well and not pushing bile out regularly nor fully :(
      So I have a big dilemma now: remove stone again or entire gallbladder…

    • Erik:

      Hi Irina,

      Did you check Ultrasound 3 months and 6 months after surgery?
      Do you have new stones?

      Best Regards

    • admin:

      Good news, but what about gallstones?
      Are they growing back again?

  • Erik:

    Hi all,

    It has been 5 weeks now and I eat normal food, yes also pork.
    I still avoid high fat like chocolate, cheese and fat cream.

    Sometimes I still can feel a little uncomfortable, but no pain….after eating… but mostly it feels good after eating.
    I will try to check new ultrasound in december.


  • Natalia K:

    Hi Eugene,
    Мне 40, я из Украины и в желчном у меня камушки. Я тоже хотела бы сделать в Китае операцию, чтобы сохранить весьма нужный, как я думаю, оган. Правда мой желчный бывает в “отключенном”, как говорят УЗИсты состоянии, а временами вроде как-то работает, не знаю как оценить, насколько его еще можно считать функционирующим. По поводу вновь появляющихся камушков: я так понимаю, что прием Epsom salts производит желчегонный эффект, то есть получается что-то вроде слепого зондирования (слепого тюбажа), как у нас говорят. Ваши вновьобразовавшиеся камушки, мне кажется, меньше диаметра желчного протока, то есть они могли бы выйти, если этот самый тюбаж интенсифицировать. Посмотрите, и там еще во второй части приведены упражнения, которые, пожалуй, стоило бы сделать перед процедурой. Думаю, все это может улучшить и усилить желчеотток, кроме того, есть препараты, которые расширяют желчные протоки (внутривенные инъекции), я не знаю названий, но врачи знают. Эти препараты также должны помочь камням выйти, если применить их во время тюбажа. Лучше всего в этих процедурах, как мне кажется, разбираются врачи, которые их часто практикуют, например, врачи из санаториев по всей территории бывшего Союза, хорошие и умные врачи, разумеется. Я ходила к женщине бывшему гастроэнтерологу, сейчас ей за 80. Ее “чистка желчного” выглядела так: один день перед чисткой ничего не есть, только пить разбавленный яблочный сок или компот из сухофруктов, на ночь сделать клизму. На следующий день утром натощак – залпом стакан теплой воды с лимонным соком и оливковым маслом (примерно сок половины лимона, 50 мл оливкового масла + теплая вода, все взболтать), после чего интенсивно ходить 20 мин, затем что-то вроде Epsom salts также с теплой водой и опять ходить, но не быстро 15 мин, затем теплый настой шиповника возможно с сорбитом , после чего лежать на спине с теплой грелкой на правом боку и тогда же – инъекция для расширения желчных протоков. Через некоторое время начинается процесс многократного посещения туалета, длящийся часа 2,5. Каждые полчаса пить настои всякой желчегонной полезности (корень шиповника, корень кизила). Если размер камня достаточно большой, существует опасность его застревания, но для маленьких – это безопасно. Надеюсь в том, что я написала, хоть что-то окажется полезным. Огромное спасибо за всю информацию, полученную от вас.

    • admin:

      Спасибо за инфу, много нового узнал.
      Пузырь у меня всё таки не работает или смесь слишком быстро кристаллизируется.
      За пол года камень опять вырос, хотя и не не болит совсем как раньше.
      До операции совсем плохо было…
      Придётся мне расстаться с пузырём моим

      • Natalia K:

        Я правильно рассмотрела на ваших латвийских УЗИ – размер кучки камней около 1см, но это именно кучка? Каждый отдельный камушек в ней более мелкий? Может я фантазирую, но вдруг серия слепых зондирований вернула бы желчному его былую “спортивную форму”. Еще можно вначале попринимать какое-то время урсодезоксихолевую кислоту для разжижения желчи, тогда она будет легче выходить. Я хотела узнать: с кем лучше контактировать, чтобы узнать взялись ли бы за мена в Китае? Я думала делать это через турфирму, специализирующуюся на Китае, чтобы кто-то на китайском мог позвонить и поговорить. Результаты каких именно исследований нужны для начала? Спасибо

        • admin:

          Сказали что это несколько камней, может сейчас стало их больше и крупнее.
          Кислоту я принимал УРСОДИОЛ. Не помогает мне. Пузырь мой совем дохленький =) Буду вырезать,,, наверное
          Им надо узи, а так же если есть воспаление, то надо антибиотики принимать две недели до операции.
          Хорош бы найти переводчика и по телефону переводить.
          Поищите в интернете сайты как

          • Natalia K:

            Спасибо за ответ. Я так понимаю, что переводчик лучше знающий китайский, или можно и английским обойтись? Спасибо

  • Radoslav:

    Dear Eric,

    Please would you be so kind to translate the procedure for galstone described in Natalias contribution? I used the google translate but it is incomprehensible.

    Many Thanks in Advance

    • Natalia K:

      Hi Radoslav,
      My English is bad, but I’ll try to explane. This procedure is suitable only for stones less then 4mm or even smoller depends on individual features. That is why I wrote this for Eugene. If stones are bigger this procedure can be very dangerous, they can stick. Procedure is well known, its aim is to call huge stream of gall. There are many versions of it.

      Best wishes

  • admin:

    Можете писать на русском тоже.

  • Erik:

    Hi everyone,
    As promised I will give you an update now 3 months after surgery.
    I had a new ultrasound on the 16:th of december and there were no gallstones.
    Everything looks fine.
    I am very happy.
    Sometimes I can still feel a little uncomfortable after eating but it is no real pain.
    I will continue to eat healthy normal food and avoid too much fat food.
    The next check will be middle of march next year.
    For those of you celebrating christmas, I wish you a pleasant holiday and a happy new year!
    Thanks again to the professor and the staff at the hospital.
    A special thanks to Eugene for making this website.
    I hope stones will not come back again…

    • admin:

      Merry Xmas and Happy NY!
      You are one lucky man if stones are not growing back!
      Can we see your UltraSound Scans?
      Keep us updated!

      • admin:

        3018.96 British Pound Sterling that is expensive now!
        I guess because of high demand and publicity price came up :(
        Or it was a promotional price for foreigners back then

  • Екатерина:

    Добрый день, Евгений.

    Спасибо за такой информативный сайт. Давно искала эту информацию. Еще пол года назад нашла информацию про открытие китайских докторов, но не смогла найти контакты и адреса. Думаю сделать себе операцию по удалению камней.
    Я немного не поняла, теперь два госпиталя делают эту операцию? Или просто переименовали Второй народный в Шестой? Могу ли я сразу написать Dr. Tie Qiao и Dr.Xiao-feng Wang. Они оба оперируют? В одном или в разных госпиталях?
    Заранее спасибо за ответ.

    P.S. Вы уже удалили свой пузырь?

    • admin:

      Пузырь я не удалил, пока хорошо чувтсвую себя.
      Пишите, звоните им, они все эксперты.
      Помню на Украину они хотели ехать показывать операции.
      Только проблема они, по словам Олега, подняли цены 29650 CNY, а это уже дорого

  • Natalia K:

    Евгений, здравствуйте.
    Если можно, я хотела узнать – вы делали вакцинацию против гепатита в течение полугода, или ускоренную схему – три дозы в течение месяца + четвертая через год? И что имелось в виду под some Asia vaccines? Большое спасибо

    • admin:

      Была ускоренная вакцинация комплексная + yellow fever и что то ещё для азии

  • Наталья:

    Добрый день, Евгений. Ответьте пожалуйста – подражала операция действительно или нет?

  • Олег:

    Привет Евгений,чтобы узнать кальцинированные камни или нет надо сделать компьютерную томографию желчного пузыря,если камни будут видны,то значит они кальценированные и ещё определяется плотность этих камней по шкале Хаунсфилда,если больше 100,то это проблема.причём даже в побочных эффектах урсофалька написанно,что камни могут кальценироваться(((
    У меня в ноябре 2012 нашли сладж и 3 камня до 9 мм без акустической тени,до этого было 2 полипа ,я пил урофальк 3 месяца после этого размер камней тот же ,но появилась акустическая тень,я решил сделать компьютерную томографию там показало,что три камня до 7 мм калценированные плотностью 185 HU по Хаунсфильду,я в панику конечно)нашёл в интернете сбор травяной литолизин,пил его с апреля 2013 сделал КТ в декабре 2014 три камня до 5мм плотностью 155 HU,но на узи 2 камня до 5мм и сладж,получается КТ информативней чем узи(.Вроде как бы динамика есть,но у меня такое ощущение что страдает поджелудочная и вечный метеоризм достал,потому что болей в правом подреберье почти нет,но болит под ложечкой и в левом подреберье ,правда после н.г. не пил литолизин и в феврале схватил приступ желчной колики(,и еще тяжести нельзя поднимать,наклоняться нельзя,прыгать нельзя,спортом заниматься получается тоже,мелкие камни могут застрять в протоке(,поэтому подумываю ехать в китай,расскажи на сколько дней переводчик вытягивать лучше,я так думаю первые дня 2-3 и в концовочке 1 день и сколько примерно это стоит,спасибо.

  • Hi Eugene
    I am a GP in Melbourne who googled endoscopic removal of gallstones after a symptomatic pt declined surgery and told me about this alternative
    I wonder if U have any contact details of other practitioners who are trained like the 2 you came across
    Have U undertaken another USG?
    Did U determine why you were predisposed to the formation of your stones as U are young?
    Was it purely your lipids or were there other risk factors such as family history?
    You may need USG surveillance in a few yrs just in case or at least check your liver function test when you have any symptoms that may sugg colic
    Do U know what imaging they used besides USG?
    Did they undertake an operative cholangiogram or MRCP to check if you had any stones in your biliary ducts intra-operatively or pre-op?
    What did they explain were the risks of surgery?
    Given the calibre of the scope, I take it they would only have removed the calculi that were visible on USG
    Any microlithiasis may remain

    • Debra:

      Have you found any other hospitals that are performing this surgery other than in China?

    • Sarah:

      Hi CyberD,

      I am a patient in Melbourne who has been diagnosed with a 21mm gallstone and some mild bullincolic sludge. In your discussions with your patient with gallstones did you find any doctors in Australia who would just remove the gallstones and leave the gallbladder? Also did your patient travel to China to have the surgery Eugene tried and do you recommend it based on the results? I can also be contacted at

      Thanks! Sarah

  • Hi Eugene
    Actually ignore my last notes – please do not publish my name in your blog – ID me as cyberD
    I read more of your blog and realised U had provided more details
    In October 2013 U mentioned U still had some pain and discomfort after eating
    If U still have symptoms even when intermittent, U need to see a doc and time some blood tests at the time/within 24 hrs of those symptoms
    See a gastroenterologist
    U can email me and leave my entries out of your blog

  • Conrad:

    Hi Everybody,

    I just wanted to report that I had my three month scan and now my 7.5 month scan and zero stones!! Obviously I am very pleased. Thank you Dr. Qiao, Eugene and everyone else on the staff!!!!!

    I have been eating as though I never heard of gallstones. Cheese, chocolate, etc. I too think it is maybe better to keep the gallbladder active as opposed to “sluggish”, as that could be at least one of the causes of stones forming.

    Thank all of you again very much, and a special shout out to Hazel. We miss her very much as I’m sure a number of you that have had a chance to know her do too.

    • admin:

      you, lucky you

    • Erik:

      Hi Conrad,

      Nice to know your stones are not back.
      I will have my 6 months check in a couple of weeks and I hope it is clean from stones just as the 3 months check was.
      Good to hear you can eat fat food without problems, but I wouldnt make a habit of it if I were you.
      There are other things that also can make the gallbladder work like for example some vegetables.

      Unfortunately I think my stress tolerance is low, but it was already low before the surgery and I started to drink coffee again.
      In addition to this my upper stomach mouth does not close 100 percent so I should be careful with too much strong things to drink or eat.
      This I also already knew before the surgery.
      So now I have some ache in the left side of the stomach the last week and the doctor thinks it is related to stomach acid.
      I will eat esomeprazol for a couple of weeks to see if it helps.

      Best Regards

  • Conrad:

    I’m sorry Eugene. I didn’t mean to appear to rub it in. I know how disappointed you are to have yours return. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be happy today. I was just reporting to let others know that the operation can be a worthwhile sucess. My hope is that the operation will be recognized by the medical community worldwide and given as an option to everyone.

  • Erik:

    As promised I write to tell anyone that is reading this website and thinking of doing this surgery. I had my second ultrasound check now 6 months after surgery and still no stones. Everything looks good. Liver blood test were also ok. =)

  • victor:

    hi guys.
    i would like to do the operation.
    Only worried about after operation, stone may back to the gall, any body had this issues already?

    • admin:

      My stones are back, I’m not that lucky.
      But some say they are doing great now, without the stones.
      Worth a shot, I’d say…

  • Natalya:

    Hello, Evgeny. Write please – whether you know probably bring this technology on removal of stones from a gall bladder into Russia? Something can heard about it? I am grateful for the answer.
    Erik!!! At me bile also gets to a stomach, there were continuous burnings. I received medical treatment for bloodsuckers and burnings practically were gone, I feel much easier and better. Besides bloodsuckers effectively to treat a liver and a gall bladder, restore a metabolism. Receive medical treatment surely for bloodsuckers.

  • z:

    Eugene. You’re awesome. And all the other pioneers who traveled this path, my hat off to you.

    I have been suffering with a large calcified gallstone, diagnosed in September 2012. I have been determined to keep my gallbladder and thus I’ve been keeping it mostly in check with diet and exercise but a couple of times it has knocked me down hard. Those times have been scary and while I don’t really travel, this option is looking promising enough that I may need too.

    Would anyone who has done the surgery be willing to video chat via Skype or ??

    Thank you,

    • Judy Nicolas:

      You may FT me, I just got my operation last week. I live in china and I can squeeze some advice.

      • z:

        Hi Judy
        I hope this note you find, and I hope it finds you well.
        Thanks for being willing to chat.
        Pls let me know how to contact you. I can be reached in gmail. My address is savemygb@…

  • Judy Nicolas:

    Hi Eugene, I’m Judy from Philippines. I got my gallstones attack last january and found your website. Luckily I live and work in Guangzhou so I quickly rushed to Panyu. At that time, they found out that my liver is not healthy as well probably due to my gallblader inflamation and so they didn’t proceed with the operation. I went on a series of healthy diet, drank tons of fresh apple-carrot juice and avoided drinking alcohol (which definitely contributed to my gallstones attack). Last week, April 24, 2014, I went back to the hospital because of the continuous discomfort everytime I eat (definitely also bec of my stones) and to have my blood, gallbladder and liver test again. Luckily, my blood test appeared to be fine so Dr Wang (there are 5 Dr wangs there dunno his name thou) scheduled me for operation the next day. April 25, 2014, 9:30 am, the nurses sent me to the operating room, got some anesthesia and the next thing I know was waking up at 23:58 that same day with the small jar of gallstones (2 big size stones and tons of baby stones) on the table near my bed. I left the hospital 4 days after my operation and my wound healed quickly although its still painful everytime i cough or laugh. Today is the 7th day after my operation and my stitch is still a bit painful but not that much. I’m planning to go back to work on Monday and I hope everything will be ok after few weeks. Thanks big time Eugene!

    For those of you who would like to ask some questions about my experience and how to deal with staying in Panyu for a week, you may drop a message here and I will gladly share some useful info.


    • admin:

      Yes, operation was painful indeed.
      I had pains when coughing or laughing even after 2 weeks.
      Keep us updated on your gallstones growth or not

    • Darren:

      Hello, just recently I found out I have a 2.2cm stone and of course the instant nonchalant response is to remove it.
      I am really glad I came across this because I was really really getting confused as to why everything was just remove the gallbladder instead of removing the stone. I didn’t understand why you could do one without the other.
      I am just curious on the exact address to punch into google for the location as me and my wife are looking at plane prices etc from california to Hong Kong and sadly the price of both airfair with the estimated price of the gallstone removal is about equal to my deductible 😛 GG health care
      Not to mention the cost of the surgery total is about 14,000 US so this is chump change in comparison, can do it 3 times before I meet that.

      Figured we will probably make a mild vacation out of it, I will probably start to get in contact with a translator etc, anything you would recommend?

    • Gregory Misumi:

      Thanks for your offer to provide info about your surgery experience.
      I am considering gallstone removal at No.88, Gangdong Road, Dashi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou with Dr Qiao.
      Could we speak over skype or dialogue by email?
      skype: gregorymisumi

    • Natalie:

      Hello Judy,

      I’ll be travelling to Guangzhou for surgery next week. I’ll be flying from Australia to Guangzhou (rather than via HK).

      Any advice for sim cards? If there is wifi at the hospital I may not need a sim card on arrival?

      If you don’t mind I’d like to share my contact details with you. are you on skype? I’m nat.baker.


    • Dimitri:

      Hi Judy. My wife is planning to go next month for an Operation. If you can share some information i will be very thankful. Like some phone numbers, emails, adresses, names, usefl tips etc. Thanks.

    • Kit:

      Hello Judy,
      I wonder if you can provide me with a contact email for a doctor or similar to talk to me about gallstone removal. I cannot find a working email address for anyone on this site. You can contact me directly at naturallykit at hot mail dot com

      Thanks in advance

    • Stephen:

      Hello Judy,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. Sounds like you had great success. I just discovered I have a 2.8cm Stone. It does not hurt at the moment. Wanted to get some advise from you in regards of getting the process started at the Hospital you went to, contacts. Thanks very much, Stephen / Los Angeles, California

  • FarEast:

    Dear Eugene

    I must thank you for hosting this page and sharing all your experience on this matter. It does give me excitement since there is now a solution to my own gallstone problem.

    I’m now trying to reach Hazel and the doctors named in the above comments for arrangement. Hope they will reply soon.

    You take care and I hope you’ll recover again.

    Many thanks.

  • Ikhsan:

    Hello Eugene,

    I really appreciate what you have done on this site. It contains a lot of information that lots that are very useful from you and other contributors. I am planning to do this surgery as well. However, I noticed the Dr. Qiao is no longer working in the same hospital where you did yours as below (copy from above):

    Announcement: I have resigned as director of The Sixth People’s Hospital of Nansha District (previously named ‘The Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District) and has been formally appointed as director of The People’s Hospital of Dashi (renamed as ‘The Second People’s Hospital of Panyu District). Tel: 020-84782303; Address: No.88, Gangdong Road, Dashi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 511430; E-mail:

    If someone from your website need my operation,contact me by Thank you!


    What is your recommendation? Is Dr. Wang has moved as well?

    I am going to contact him soon if the Dashi hospital is doing the surgery as well.

    Thanks alot

    • admin:

      There are very competent surgeons at Panyu hospital.
      So now we have more options to choose from :)
      Hope soon in EU some hospitals would be doing this surgery…

  • Sheila Vives:

    Here is an interesting article everyone may want to read:

  • roby:

    Dear Judy and Eugen,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with rest of us. I hope you are fine now, and that you solved your problem or at last minimize impact to your daily life.
    I have some question about your experience with this surgery, so I would be very grateful for your response.

    What is total cost of this medical treatment?
    How long have you been in the hospital?
    What is your suggestion for first step, do you have contact information?
    I had an acute inflammation of the gallbladder, can I still access operation?
    What is the risk of taking this surgery, this is a medical procedure and it could be difficult in foreign country?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • admin:

      if you are having inflammation then you have to take antibiotics for 2 weeks before an operation.
      They won’t operate you with an inflammation.

  • Natalie:


    Thank you very very much for posting your gallstone experience.

    The information you’ve provided is invaluable. I plan to travel for surgery soon. I’ll keep you updated.


  • Erik:

    Hi, as promised I write to tell you all that I had my third ultrasound check now 1 year after surgery and it looks good. No stones.

  • admin:

    I am going to Riga, Latvia very soon to remove my gallstones and gallbladder for good.
    In Spain and UK prices are insane ~ 6 000 EUR

    • Sachin:

      Do Riga hospitals remove gallstones alone? or are you recommending entire gallbladder removal surgery in your reply reply?


  • admin:

    Xanit Hospital International Benalmadena Spain

    Description of Surgery



    General surgery consultants fees

    Anaesthesia consultants fees

    Preoperation study

    Hospital stay (1 day)

    Operating theatre fees

    Pharmacy and other materials

    TOTAL 5.407,50 €

    Read & approved

    Date Benalmadena

    Date booked for surgical intervention: 17/07/2014

    Conditions of Payment

    30% of the total cost is due 10 days prior to the surgery, and the remaining 70% is due when the patient

    is admitted into hospital for the surgery. Payment can be made either by bank transfer, credit card or in cash

    This quote is only valid once it has been confirmed by our medical team on the first visit, and has been

    accepted by the patient. It cannot be taken as a fixed price and may vary due to the evolution of the patient

    following surgery. It is valid for a period of two months, after which time our tariffs may vary in price.

  • Gregory Misumi:

    KEY INFO: Gallbladder/Liver Parasite Eggs may be significant gallstone source in some.
    More than 50% of gallstones Dr Qiao analyzed had eggs in them.


    Sorry to read that you are having to get your gallbladder removed.

    Please consider Dr Qiao’s scientific research papers published from 2012.
    1. Cholecystolithiasis Is Associated with Clonorchis sinensis Infection (Liver Fluke)

    2. Post gallstone surgery care and lifestyle changes recommended (Paraphrased)
    ‘What gall stone after minimally invasive surgery requires attention to it’
    (English with Google Translate)

    Parasite detection can be difficult.

    Anti-parasite treatments (From Lancet medical journal -tribendimidine, new, safe, more effective) and avoidance of certain raw seafoods are potentially helpful in preventing gallstone recurrence.


  • Emilio Garcia:

    Hola Eugine,

    If money were no object, would you remove your stones again in China? or you are just tired of the whole thing?

    Does somebody know of another Hospital in Latin America that those the same procedure? If I were a Dr, I would go there and train myself with the Chinese Doctors. Franchise the procedure and make tons of money here.



    • admin:

      I wouldn’t remove them stones again, they will regrow back again because of my low motility gallbladder.
      Alas there is nothing I can do now but to remove it

      • Emilio:

        You are our Hero!
        It took 30 years to grow!
        Wait for a better alternative!

      • Julie A.:

        Hi Eugene,

        After removing the gallstones, did you change anything about your diet, or did you go back to the same things you ate before the removal of your gallstones? Do you think that your diet played a role in the development and the reoccurrence of your gallstones? Also what types of foods do you eat? Please share what would be your ideal daily diet, the things you would normally eat within your average day. Do you eat a high fat diet? Do you drink? Do you handle stress well?

        The reason for asking is to get an idea of weather or not your diet played a role on your reoccurrence of your gallstones.

        Also others that have had the surgery with no reoccurrence can you share your insight on these questions as well.

        We would greatly appreciate any insight to this questions. Thank you very much Julie

  • Natalie:


    Eugene, I’m sorry you are now needing to remove your gallbladder. There is a great book by Dr Sandra Cabot about what supplements you can take after you’ve removed your gallbladder to help maintain it’s function. it’s available on kindle via Amazon “Save your gallbladder naturally: And What to Do If You’ve Already Lost it”.

    I’ve just returned home to Brisbane, Australia after surgery to remove a 3cm gallstone and very pleased with my decision. The doctors and nurses were excellent. I’m so pleased Dr Qiao developed this technology and I hope other countries start using it too!

    I used Hazel as recommended by Sarah, and I’ve christened her “Hazel my Hospital Angel”. Hazel was not only a great translator, but very caring and experienced in the procedure and recovery.


    • Dimitri:

      Hi Natalie,

      My wife is planning to go to China to remove her gallstones. Can you please send me any information that you think would be helpful for this medical trip to China. Would be greatly appreciate it.


    • Nitin:

      Hi Natalie,

      How much cost in AUD$? What’s the process? Can you give me brief information about it?
      Hospital details, Contact details and some one who speaks English at there??


  • Debra:

    Hi. Has anyone heard of the surgery in United States, Canada or the UK? I’m worried about the long flight back to the US from China post surgery.

  • Gaziz:

    Здравствуйте, Евгений! Я получил отказ на просьбу о записи на операцию. Правда, разговаривал и писал я на адрес русских работников клиники в Гуаньчжоу, с Наталией. На мои вопросы после отказа, она по телефону посоветовала еще несколько раз пройти УЗИ-исследования и прислать. Тогда она может еще раз поставить вопрос перед китайскими врачами. Вы можете помочь мне связаться непосредственно с доктором Xing-Qiang Wang? Я не могу свободно объясняться на English.

  • Tapdig:

    Hello doctor.My name is Tapdig.İ am writing to you from Azerbaijan.I had my gallbladder stones.I learned that you removed gallstones in the hospital.
    But, the gallbladder is not removed.I am very glad that innovative.If this is true I would be operated in your hospital.My english is very bad.Do you understand me?If you understand me, please write back to me.Thank you doctor.

  • Phil:

    Interesting experience having your gallstones removed in China – thanks for sharing Eugene.

    I see some gallstones grew back. May I ask if you at any stage after realizing the stones were growing back, then took Ursodeoxycholic Acid(UDCA) for a period of months in order to dissolve the new stones? I assume these new stones were cholesterol stones, as I understand that any other stones which can be seen on xray will not dissolve?

    • admin:

      My stone was not soft, so it can’t be cholesterol.
      More like a brilliantly sparkling very tough hard rock, so URSODIOL did not help much :(
      Xray sees hard rocks

  • michael:

    Is this procedure being done anywhere in the United States? Thank you

    • admin:

      Don’t think so and by the way USA is soooooo expensive to treat people, OMG!
      I don’t get people in America, why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars on an operation when
      you can take a ticket to Asia or Europe (Latvia)
      have a wonderful high quality med trip, see the world at 1/3 of a price?

  • Александр:

    Евгений, здравствуйте!

    Сразу же хочу поблагодарить за сайт, за то что не поленились потратить своё время и выложить материалы.

    У меня были обнаружены множественные камни, размер самого большого камня – 1,3 см. В России отказываются от меня, т.к. они не занимаются удалением множественных камней.

    Подскажите, в данной китайской клинике возможна такая операция?

  • e. k.:

    Hello Eugene,

    I’m curious. Have you had your GB removed? If yes, when? How is life since then?

  • Dr. mehul:

    i have gallbladder stone
    solitary stone of sized 16 mm and mobile in gallbladder without any other complications.
    i want information for its surgery without removing gallbladder in our country if possible…
    anybody help me please…

  • Ian from Irvine,CA:

    Hi Eugene and to all the concerned readers of your fabulous blog,

    I am a 41 year old male, living in Irvine, CA. I’m 6’3″, 235#, I just had my gallbladder removed yesterday Jan 30, 2015, approx 11:00am. As I Make this entry, it is currently Jan 31, 2015 at 5am. So approx 18 hours after surgery. I just woke up after 5 hours of sleep. My wife is downstairs sleeping on the couch, I tried not to wake her, but I had to get the IPad and feel compelled to tell a little of my story.

    First off Eugene, my hats off to you for sharing this personal, lifelong journey of Gallstones. You have written with such passion and fact, and painstaking detail that I have emotionally cried and broke down twice in the last 10 days reading your blog and talking to my wife about you and your story. I only discovered your blog on Jan 20, 2015, and it has helped me immensely.

    I feel like if people are still reading this far down in, they are searching and still searching and a lot of times agonizing over the difficult health decisions that they are going through. So your help and insight is invaluable and is a great resource to probably tens of thousands of people, if not close into the millions of people. I hope you find the strength to share your story with as much detail and passion in the years to come because the health journey is not over for us and you reached a lot of us, and gained a lot of friends out here.

    So more about me, I first discovered I had gallstones Nov, 2010, I was 36 years old. Ultrasound confirmed 2 stones the larger being approx 17mm. Yesterday, the gallstones were 21mm on the large one and 8mm on the smaller one.

    So for over 4 years I agonized and dealt with the decision, no way I want to remove an organ from my body, just no way it is going to happen. But I never really did anything about it, but try to eat a little healthier, cut down on the big meals late at night, and get the occasional exercise in. So in the beginning my pain was those middle of the night sitting up, sitting forward, standing with a heat pack on my stomach kind of attacks. The real bad ones that would last from 2am until 11am the next day. So I figured out how to stop those, but over the last year or so, it has been more of a dull aching, all day sort of bothersome nuisance pain. Until I saw your blog and realized wait a minute, I have a actual rock stuck in my gallbladder and stuck under my liver, no wonder why I roll over and roll over in bed and can never feel comfortable sitting anywhere for a great deal of time. I have had 4 ultrasounds, over the last 4 years, every time rocks were still there. But honestly, I never really did anything about it, just I think was hoping they would go away or pass or something.

    So this last time, went to a different doctor, the surgeon, and made the decision to get in cut out, and I scheduled the surgery the day I saw the doctor, Mon Jan 19 for the upcoming Friday Jan 23. Surgery was schedule at St Johns Hospital 10am, Jan 23, 2015. but then I freaked.

    No way I am going to get cut and remove any organ from my body. Just no way.
    I contacted Julia Chang at Sensible Health and talked and talked to her. I wanted to order her 4 pack for $102.95. I called Dr Bob Marshall’s office in Torrance,CA and talked with them, and even ordered some product.

    Dr Bob Marshall’s staff influenced me a great deal. I went on, researched a lot and a lot there. So over the last 2 weeks, I have adopted a lot of his nutrition and eating habits of raw uncooked, organic and nutrition ideas. And gotten a fair amount of exercise.

    So I said I freaked right, I canceled the the first surgery on Jan 23, I went to the doctors office on the 22nd and talked with him and just flat cancelled the surgery for the upcoming day. That was a tough day for me. But knowing you have a 21 mm and 8mm rock stuck in your abdomen is always a constant reminder.

    Do the combination of nutrition supplements from Julia Chang and Dr Bob Marshall and gallbladder flushes really work? This is the question I kept asking myself for 2 weeks, taking time off work to research and study it best I could. But until Jan 30, when I woke up, I couldn’t convince myself the supplements and flushes were going to get out that 21mm and 8mm rock. So it is done, 18 hours after surgery, I had no idea I would be feeling this good to write this. Only significant thing mentioning post op is the CO2 gas pumped into my stomach, a little uncomfortable bloating. Do I wish I still had my gallbladder, definitely yes, but not in the condition it was.

    So Eugene, please help me and I’m sure future millions of others going forward, keep it real and honest like you always have, and wish you all the best in your health and life!!!!

    Keep posting dude, still a lot of chapters to go!!!

    • admin:

      Flushes and cleansing are scams they do not work :(
      You can see that nobody is giving out solid facts, pictures and scans after so called “flushes”
      There is no evidence they work because they do not.
      The only way is to cut the gallbladder out (old school), or gallstones themselves from the gallbladder (high tech) but even this may not help you.
      I would suggest to remove stones first and see how it goes, even if your stones come back after let’s say 3-4 years, you are in profit and it was worth it! :)
      Don’t forget to eat ursodiol pills, they might reduce speed at which your stones grow back.

  • Инга:

    Добрый день! перечитала кучу информации на Вашем мегаполезном сайте, но так как есть некоторые проблемы с английским языком, не поняла какие два (или один, по некоторым источникам) госпиталя удаляют камни из желчного с сохранением органа? Смотрела на сайте про операции во Второй народной больнице и стоимость 33 850 юаней. Я так поняла, что это берут агенты сверху и есть возможность договориться напрямую с больницей, чтобы вышло дешевле, но нужен русскоговорящий переводчик на китайский? Где его найти? И сколько стоят его услуги?
    У меня 4 конкремента в желчном около 1 см каждый… Планируется беременность, которая при таком раскладе очень рискованна и доктора настаивают на удалении органа до беременности, хотя приступов никогда не было. Очень прошу Вас ответить на мои вопросы. Заранее благодарю за очень нужное дело!

    • admin:

      Напрямую будет дешевле.
      Я нанимал переводчицу ассистентку китайку на английский на сайте
      Очень помогла мне, а потом на английском общался в госпитале =)
      Через агентов не делайте!
      Дорого будет

  • Dr.Wang Xiaofeng:

    Hello Eugene,I am Dr.Wang Xiaofeng,How do you feel now? Wish you good recovery.

    • admin:

      I am great thanks, but in my case stones came back again so I had to remove my useless gallbladder :)
      But it was worth the shot!
      Thanks for helping me out!
      Cheerz from Spain!

  • Dmitry:

    Здравствуйте! Мучает ЖКБ многие годы, как-то наткнулся на этот метод лечения, сначала пытался договориться через (а) сайт – как вдруг заметил, что у них неверно указан курс китайской валюты – получалось 120тыс.руб, тогда как на других банковских сайтах курс давал сумму в 350тыс.руб! Разница аж в 3раза! Сразу после уточнения вопроса стоимости мне отказали в операции якобы под предлогом наличия гепатита, который противопоказанием не является нигде (все хирурги к которым я обращался в России и Европе из-за гепатита не то что не отказали, а никто даже не поморщился). Кроме того, эти деятели с сайта отказываются представляться – не называют свои ФИО и при этом требуют такие приличные деньги привозить наличными, что также странно. После этого я нашёл на данном сайте контакты Dr. Tie Qiao и Dr.Wang Xiaofeng и написал им лично. Как оказалось, реальная цена операции в Китае с пребыванием и всеми анализами в 3раза ниже – порядка 90тр. Но, оба врача также мне отказали – (б) Dr. Tie Qiao сказал, чтоб я вёл все диалоги через – то есть это с его согласия они наваривают на операции в 3раза больше, что само по себе очень печально и резко снижает доверие ко всему этому лечению. (в) Dr.Wang Xiaofeng заверил, что “мой желчный пузырь недостаточно хорош для сохранения”, хотя УЗИ показало степень сжатия >50% до полного обжатия камней, то есть потенциально без камней и того лучше, стенки 2-3мм, итд всё в норме. На все мои просьбы объяснить чем конкретно ему не понравился мой желчный пузырь – он ответил лишь “верьте мне”. :)) В итоге из такого благого начинания создаётся впечатление некой аферы – попытки надуть с деньгами, отказ из-за причины которая противопоказанием не являются, нежелание отвечать на простые вопросы, итд. Рекомендую быть крайне осторожными со всем этим лечением.
    Автору сайта огромное человеческое спасибо за подробный рассказ!

    • admin:

      в 3 раза это уж слишком
      найми своего китайского переводчика и он поможет, ехать надо самому не нужны посредники паразиты =)

      • Dmitry:

        В 3 раза – тк аферисты с сайта указали неверный курс. Сейчас их цена за всю процедуру 320тр (33850 юаней, $5800), когда госпиталю достаётся лишь 105тр (11000 юаней, $1750), а 215тр (22850 юаней, $3580) эти агенты хотят в карман с каждого пациента за встречу в аэропорту и перевод длительностью максимум в 1-2дня… то есть они оценивают свою работу в ДВА РАЗА важнее и сложнее, чем всего госпиталя… одним словом сволочи! Пожалуйста, кто-нибудь выложите фотографии этих подлых агентов – может им стыдно станет и снизят цены до адекватных 150-170тр?
        Но больше всего меня удивило, что доктор Xiao-feng Wang не захотел со мной общаться напрямую, а отправил меня к этим же агентам… то есть он об этих агентах и их расценках знает и, возможно, они распиливают сверх прибыль вместе! Настоящая афёра!
        С учётом, что в Китае сейчас делают что угодно – в том числе копии лекарств, копии мобильников, копии автомобилей, т.н. новые наркотики, и всё это без малейшего зазрения совести… и что в Европе и США от таких операций с сохранением желчного отказались в 80х годах, тк у абсолютного большинства порядка 90% камни появлялись опять в течение 1-3лет… есть существенные сомнения, что вообще вся эта операция является благом, возможно, в большей степени, это просто зарабатывание денег на нужде и страхе пациентов. :((
        В общем пообщавшись с этими агентами и обоими основными докторами – у меня создалось впечатление замалчивания, увиливания от объяснения причин отказа и в целом развода на деньги. :(

        • Иван:

          Дмитрий, можно поинтересоваться откуда у вас информация о том, что “госпиталю достаётся лишь 105тр (11000 юаней, $1750)”?

    • admin:

      А кстати я тоже наличкой пачкой расплачивался в кассе внизу после операции
      в Лондоне поменял фунты в банке китайском

  • aastar:

    удалили желчный… хмм от судьбы не убежишь :)
    но вот в чем вопрос, после удаления желчного пузыря никто не гарантирует что камни не образуются в протоках!!!
    а оттуда их удалять весьма проблематичная тема, как я понял.
    мне сказали будем делать все возможное чтобы не этого не случилось… только вот как то это не обнадеживает.
    и пойми тут что лучше пузырь сразу или камни чистить, пока не придумают что то?!

    • admin:

      Когда камни в пузыре то выбора не густо надо камни удалять либо пузырь, боли адские

  • Kit:

    Can anyone here provide me with a functioning email address of one of the doctors or similar who can help me start the process of getting my gallstone out. I have a 20mm stone and would like to quit it without losing my gallbladder and all the information here is great, but I’m blowed if I can find an email address that responds when I write to it.


    naturallykit at hot mail

  • Iryna:

    Hello, my name is Iryna. I found out that I have 5 stones in my gallbladder. The biggest one is 13mm. I want to remove only stones. I was searching for doctor Chaio and his contact number and the hospital but got very confused. There are so manyphone numbers and adresses. So many different prices. Please help me, i am getting crazy. I want to get rid of them (stones) and not be fulled. I want to go to the real clinic and to the real doctor. Thank you so much. Please help me…

  • Iryna:

    It’s Again me. Sorry for bothering. I ment that i am ready for everything: i know that it’s expansive procedure, have to make a visa and to do lots of stuff. I sm ready for everything. I Just need to get a clear information and to know what i should do step by step and get cured as quick as possible. The rest does not matter. Please help me!!!

  • Ira:

    Hi Eugene, can U please do not put my full names in the comments. Please call me just Ira. Thank you so much.

  • Conrad:

    Just had my third scan at 20 months since removal of stones and still no sign of stones returning.

  • Hi Eugene, can you please help me to find out statistical survey for chances of recurrence of stone after cholecytolithotomy (surgery you gone through). ???

  • Александр:

    Добрый день!
    Практически год занимался исследованием причин и последствий ЖКБ. Прочитал научные диссертации, разговаривал с хирургами-практиками Москвы и других городов. Ходил к гастроэнтерологам. Изучил множество терминов, о которых некоторые хирурги (о Боги!) даже и не слышали, как потом оказалось.

    Если коротко, то никто в России не хочет браться за меня (для удаления только камней) по нескольким причинам:
    1. велИк риск рецидива. На мои вопросы что мешает вести наблюдение за литогенностью желчи, мне отвечали примерно “не умничайте”.
    2. мало опыта. За удаление 1-2 камней берутся. За большее количество – нет.

    Ехать в Китай за 300 колов – это непосильно в моей ситуации, когда есть серьёзная кабала в виде ипотеки.

    Поэтому, принял решение лечь “под нож”, т.е. лапараскопическая холицистоэктомия.

    Теперь буду изучать результаты научных исследований в части пост синдрома, который возникает после удаления ЖП.

    • Julia:

      Александр, а что значит берутся за удаление 1-2 камней? Каким образом удаляют?

  • Kate:

    Iryna you can contact to dr Chaio straightly by this e-mail: According to my experience all the rest e-mails are wrong. He is the best one! Good Luck!

  • Tom:

    For 2000€ I had the gallbladder removed in Ljubljana because dr. Dimitri Scuffi said a gallbladder that had stones will have stones again and because it can lead to gallbladder cancer. So how is it three weeks after surgery with dr. Franc Jelenc? Fantastic! The insicions have healed, I eat everything, no sickness, no diarrhea. Life without gallbladder and its stones is amazing! I can’t wait to start running again.

  • Luke:

    I was diagnosed with gallstones also but didnt have any attack yet…they said i was lucky since i got 5 of them, but they are just big enough not to slip forward.

    Jim, did you had any symptoms or did you remove the gallbladder just to prevent cancer??

    My doctor told me if they dont disturb its ok just to leave them where they are,freefloating, he also said that gallbladder cancer is extrememely rare, anyway now i’ll be checking my stones every year for changes….

  • Luke:

    Sorry, i meant Tom… 😉

  • Mercy:

    Hello everyone,
    Iam Mercy from Borneo, Indonesia. Finally I found an alternative that I have been looking for. It is because this site. Thank you so much, Eugene. I’m so happy that you want to share your experince to us. Now I know that doctor in Guangzhou can take out gallstones without remove the gallbladder. It is so incredible. Wish this technology can spread away to another countries.
    If you do not mind I want to share with you guys about my experience with gallstones. It was october 2012 that I had been diagnosed a cholelitiasis (multiple stones with sludge) in my gallbladder. Because at that time my gallbladder did not given some pain. So I did not take some actions or take a medicine to get rid of the stones. Then in Jan 2014 my gallbladder was really take in actions. I felt so pain everytime I ate fatty food. Some advices from internet that apple is good to dissolve the gallstones. So I started to eat 4-5 apples every day for 6 months. But in Aug 2014 I changed to take Urdahex 3 times/ day as adviced my doctor. I eat like usually, sometimes I got stir fry vegetables and some chicken soup (rarely). But in 2015 my pain was getting worst. So I took USG in 15 March 2015 and it shown that my gallbladder was inflammation and thickened 9mm. Multiple stones is still there and also the sludge. My doctor said that I had to take a surgery. I felt so sad deeply, I felt my effort was not enough. I was desperate. Because when people talking about liver flush I also tried that. I had gallcleanse. I had milk thistle and Tahitian Noni. But seems does not get any progress for me. I donot know what I should do. I am really scared to take a surgery especially if my gallbladder will taken out from my body. I do not know my condition after surgery do I get better or getting worst? When I write this letter I still get pain.
    But, when I read Eugene and other’s experiences in this site I am reallyconsoled that I still have a chance to keep my gallbladder. If I have to take surgery it is only to take the nasty stones and the ‘storehouse’ of the bile is still standing to manage my body digestive system.
    Does anybody here know how much the costs now for surgery? I will take my self a chance to having surgery in Guangzhou and get prepared my finacial. If everthing settled I will go flight to China.
    I wish all of you in this forum the best and always find out the right way for every matters in our lives.

  • Julia:

    Евгений, здравствуйте! Спасибо Вам огромное за сайт! Дорогого стоит делиться такой информацией.
    Расскажите, пожалуйста, после удаления камней из желчного пузыря вы не обращались к гастроэнтерологу-эндокринологу по поводу обмена веществ. Насколько понимаю, камнеобразование связано с нарушением обмена веществ. Или именно проведение такого исследования ничего не даёт и камни образуются и никто не может сказать почему конкретно?
    Спасибо заранее за ответ.

    • admin:

      Пока норм ем и чувствую… посмотрим как дальше будет

      • Dmitry:

        Привет, Евгений!
        У меня крупные камни, через день холецистит воспаление, частые боли, приступы конечно адские по 6-8ч но к ним я как-то за 15лет приспособился… пол года начались какие-то странные резкие боли справа вокруг печени и начала побаливать поджелудочная :((( явно надо оперироваться, но боюсь терять сольный орган ну и россия пугает… :((
        Напиши мне, пожалуйста, пару срок на почту – как ты себя чувствуешь после удаления желчного, сколько пробыл в больнице, были ли холицистические боли до или после, беспокоила ли поджелудочная до или после, итд, поддержи добрым словом…

    • Dmitry:

      Как удалось выяснить – образование камней в желчном пузыре может быть вызвано:
      1) особенностями строения желчного и протоков (перегибов итп) из-за чего желчь плохо отходит, застаивается, в результате загустевает и начинают сворачиваться комочки;
      2) сильно сидячий образ жизни при котором желчные протоки постоянно сдавливаются животом/рёбрами/итд и таким образом ухудшается отток желчи;
      3) особенностями состава желчи в следствии плохого питания или болезней, например, излишнего кол-ва холестерина, в результате чего повышается вязкость и появляется осадок который и является первоначальной причиной зарождения камней;
      4) по каким-либо причинам попадание отмерших клеток в том числе крови (в следствии ударов в область печени итп) в желчный пузырь могут привести к моментальному образованию камней – к этим клеткам налипает желчь образую “снежный ком”.

      Тем не менее, на мой личный взгляд после прочтения множества литературы – для формирования камней в желчном необходимо сочетание двух факторов – плохого состава желчи или наличия инородных клеток + плохой отток желчи в следствии перегибов или сидячего образа жизни – только в таком случае камни начинают зарождаться и сразу не могут быть вымыты с поток желчи, а откладываются и растут. У меня, судя по всему, сочетание факторов 2+3.

      Так что Вы можете проверить обмен веществ, сделать биохимию, или мб взять пробу желчи с помощью эндоскопа-гастроскопии но это не главное – имхо самое главное не допускать застаивания желчи – вести активный подвижный образ жизни!

  • Stephen:

    Hello everyone, thank you for sharing and your experiences. I have just discovered that I have a 2.8cm rock in my Gallbladder. It does not hurt YET.. I’m trying to be pro-active at this point, and doing research. I live in America, and have been looking at prices Oh My God ! ! I have no Insurance. At this point, I’m developing a “game plain” to deal with it. I have been reading that Stones do come back ? I’m 50 years old, and would think it would take years to develop another ROCK in my Gallbladder. It’s not the “cure all” to have it removed ? I don’t want to have my Gallbladder removed, BUT… Geesh… It sucks getting old. I would have no problem flying to China, and having Dr. Tie Chiao remove the rock. Will I have re occurring issues ? Eugene apparently did ! I want to start making some decisions soon. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Best of luck to everyone !

  • Ks:

    Hi Eugene,

    Thank you for setting up this page and letting fellow gallsbladder problems sufferers have an alternative treatment. And to the rest of the contributors who shared their experiences, Thank you too! I wish you guys best of health especially to Eugene!

    I found this website that seems legitimate from Dr Qiao,

    For the rest of us who may be considering this option

    Good luck all!

  • Debra:

    Hi Eugene,
    It’s Debra, from CA. Long time follower; still very sick. Just wondering how you’re doing? I know you really didn’t want to have your gallbladder removed, and I thank you so much for sharing your whole journey with this site. You’re amazing. Hope you’re feeling on top-of-the-world! Could you update how things are going with your health now?
    I’m still trying to wait for this surgery to come available a little closer to the U.S., but not sure how long I’ll be able to hold out.

  • Jeanine:

    I had the surgery in June after having multiple cholesterol gallstones (one over 3cm big) and the related pain for over 6 years. I was exceptionally happy with the journey there and back, though I needed an airport wheelchair as I left on the 3rd day after surgery, exceptionally happy with the hospital surgical team, support team, cleanliness and free food they bring up to you, sufficient English, in-depth post-operative treatment and informative pamphlet written in English, 24hr international helpline, my rapid recovery, miniscule scar (naval one isn’t even visible), cost (same as gallbladder removal, only flight and taxis are extra), freedom from back-pain and feinting, and freedom from the risk of having to take lifelong medication and weight gain associated with gallbladder removal. My advise is to go straight to the hospital (not a hotel first), as no-one in the area speaks English except at the hospital anyway, and this is not a tourist destination to explore. Also, organise your taxi from the airport to the hospital in advance. The doctors will help you book the return journey if you keep the guys business card. And buy a Chinese SIM card when you land in CHINA. The SIM cards bought in Hong Kond are for Hong Kong and Do Not work in China. Without a Chinese SIM card you might, like me, end up unable to contact anyone, translate anything, google for necessary info. You will also need to take someone with you who you are comfortable with helping you go to the loo post op. There are approximately 700 patents out on the instriuments developed for the procedure, and the Chinese government have put a lot of money behind these guys to support their research. The fancier hospital is more expensive, the rooms are too small to have a companion stay with you (they’d have to stay in a hotel), and the head surgeon there is presumably more focused on the research side of things, so I went to the cheaper hospital with bigger rooms and doctors who are still up to their elbows doing the surgery on a daily basis. They really are an amazing team, visit every day during rounds, as do the nurses, everyone exceptionally friendly and helpful – makes you want to move to China! Even if my stones were to come back (which I’m told cholesterol stones don’t) I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  • наталья:

    Добрый день.я из россии.нашли полипы в желчном.нашла информацию.что можно удалить и сохранить желчный.делается только в китае.пожалуйста.поделитесь опытом.кто делал и какие последствия. Очень жду

  • Angelito Bautista:

    Sir Eugene what happen to your gallbladder gallstones form again?

  • Rich:

    Hi.For those who had big rock or multiple rocks, ur gallbladder is low functioning or of no use anymore. With these rocks, your body had adjusted itself without the function of the Gb already.

  • Iren:

    Hi Eugene,
    First I want to thank you for sharing your journey and story about the gallstones. It was really a lot of work to put up this blog and I am really glad that I found it.
    I visited the URL that is mentioned by Ks and I am also wondering if this is legitimate or not. It is mentioned in the website that the surgery cost is 36,550 Yuan which is way more expensive than what I read in the blog. I tried contacting them as I am in China, but the person replying was very secretive and did not wanted to provide me any basic information. I felt like now that they have become popular with foreigners, they are taking advantage and made this fancy website for charging more money. If I am already in China, then I don’t need any fancy package for the surgery as I can come by myself, but they don’t seem to be helpful at all. So it is really disappointing. Would you suggest me to contact the doctors directly?
    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    • Gaziz:

      Hi Iren,
      I received the surgery for removing gallbladder stones at 18th of March 2015 in 6th People Hospital Nansha district of Guangzhou China. The operation was made by doctor Wang Gang. His phone number is
      +86 159 8926 8920, his E-mail: 王刚 The real cost of surgery is 12000 Yuan, but total sum with account taken of inhabitation and meals for my wife who accompanied me was about 13400 Yuan.
      You can call phone directly doctor Wang Gang. He speaks English too.
      The persons you mentioned at web-site are resellers and they overprice the surgery about three times because of they add payment for their own addition services: transfer from and to airport, translations of documents and so other.
      I think you needn’t their services at all. You can write me by E-mail: if you need get detail.

    • Erik:


      You can try to contact Dr Wang Gang wia email.
      I am sure he can help you.


  • Dmitry:

    Добрый день, Евгений! Как поживаешь? Как самочувствие после удаление ЖП и по прошествии полу-года???

  • Erik:


    Here is another report as promised now more than 2 years after the surgery.

    I am convinced that I got my gallstones because my rapid huge weight loss in 2012.
    I lost about 30 kg in 6 months due to diet food.

    I did my surgery in Panyu hospital in September 2013 and since then I have checked ultrasound many times.
    No more stones! :)
    I will continue to check maybe once every year for some time.

    Dr Wang Gang was very helpful and explained everything about the procedure and how to get to the hospital.


  • saul:

    Chanca Piedra try this out its amazon herb.

  • afsal ali:

    Hi Eaugine sorry to hear that you have to remove you gb , and Erik both of you are inspiration to me I am planning to visit china for stone you know dr Tie Quaio and dr Wang Gang still working together. g

  • Ahirwar Amar:

    I want to thank an awesome medical Doctor in the person of Dr Williams Raphael who has made my family and i proud in trust and urgency, he bought off one of my kidneys for his patient with awesome amount of money in dollars, i came across his email address on the internet as published by one Michel and Lopez thanking him and telling the world on how he came to their rescue financially as a result of buying their kidneys without stress, i quickly applied via the email and i was given all the attentions i needed by Doctor in less than a week i met all the requirements started by National kidney Foundation body, and my half money was like a dream when it came into my bank account before the transplant, i urge you to contact on Dr.Williams via; for your financial awesomeness to come through like mine few months ago. I promised to do this when i eventually scale through.
    I am Ahirwar Amar.
    From Manila Philippines.

  • Julia:

    Guys hello! What i happened to find out. This operation was done for some time in Russia but it was stopped due to the fact that stones return again. And you have to find the money for another surgery.The doctors say that if gallblader is producing stones it will happen again and again. The only tning don’t know how to explain why stones appear so quickly as in Evgeny’s case and someone 2 years after surgery have nothing? Hope to hear from them again.

  • the boss:

    I am glad you made this site as I am only 30 and developed gall stones as a side effect of some medication and do not want to lose my bladder as of yet. My mother had her gall bladder removed and her life has become terrible..i Cannot imagine this or myself..I will sure travel to China and give this surgery a I know my bladder is not producing stones they are just a side effect of medication so less change of them returning.

  • Erik:

    I had my surgery in September 2012 and as promised here is another report now 3 years later.
    Ultrasound shows no stones.
    The gallbladder, liver and kidneys looks fine!
    I am convinced I got my stones due to rapid huge weight loss in 2012, so I was sure that there was no problem with my gallbladder.
    My body feels good, but I try to avoid things with too much sugar, fat or fried food.
    I also do not drink much alcohol or coffee and I never smoke.
    That is no good things for you anyway…
    You have been given one body in your life, so take care of it!

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